“Never underestimate the difficulty of changing false beliefs by facts.”

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Hi, my name is Olushola Adedeji.

Version 2I live a pretty cool life; I have a beautiful and dignified wife, and two adorably intelligent (or intelligently adorable) children.

All those things considered, all my life I have felt that there’s something off. Maybe in my mind or out in the world, I haven’t figured it out yet. In short, my torture is that I feel like we’re all being sold a lie and no one has the courage or the sight necessary to tell their fellow American that the Emperor has no clothes.

In a matter of speaking.

Because of this failure We accept tangential beliefs that are tied to the original lie and its arbitrary designation as an undeniable fact, even though no discussion ever occurs assessing what exactly is necessary for it to qualify for this designation (and Our Children, the Future, are born into that lie). This discussion must occur due to our supposed moral dedication to Truth.

Truth and justice.

They go hand in hand for a reason.

If such a discussion fails to take place then there’s no reason not to believe that these “facts” are just merely woven from thin air in order serve the interests of the Tailorwhoever they might be (that word “tailor” can be clicked, but it is red meaning that its content is trivial)

This is the reason We have deductive reasoning.
To be able to think about the logic and rationale behind what we’re told in order to prevent deception.

If someone states a “fact” that can only exist if someone first accepts an assumption, why don’t we examine that assumption to determine its legitimacy? For if that assumption is erroneous, then every law, practice, entertainment, lifestyle or belief that spawns from the accepted assumption is, in effect, a lie.

Lies, by their very nature, are bad; even if the damage caused by them is sufficiently delayed or goes unnoticed. Not all lies grow into civilization destroying snowballs on their way down the hill; some have minimal effects. But while these effects are minimal they are still on net negative.

What a pretentious rant.
I know but please read on.

Going back to the effects of little lies, I may feed my kids the Santa Clause lie, I’m not sure yet. Sure they will be filled with wonder and fantasy for a few years which is all well and good but what about the emotions that are first awakened when a child realizes that they’ve been intentionally deceived by their parents?

Do these emotions ever even occur or am I crazy?


Or is it that they indeed do occur but are just negligible in effect?
Would people even talk about it?

In my humble experience, I remember on our way to church one Sunday morning I dragged my mother into a discussion on Santa Clause.
How does he fly?
How is he so old and still alive? Is he like a Highlander?
How does he see us?

My mother said quite plainly after a semi-long pause, “Santa isn’t real, Shola.”

When she said this I was left speechless, disappointed and slightly amused.
I was 7 years old.

I remember some time later I got into a debate with a classmate on the existence of Santa. I didn’t use the “I know because my mom told me” finisher because our argument had garnered the entire class’s attention and I knew we were both feeling like intellectual superstars so I waited for the right time.

I remember our battle had been going on for awhile and I said something to the effect of, “It’s impossible from any angle you look at it; it’s complete rubbish.”

He responded that he had been woken up one late Christmas Eve/early Christmas morning, by a thumping noise and heard his mother hiss to his father in concern from their bedroom.
“My mother wouldn’t have been worried if Santa wasn’t real.”

I remember our classmates ooohing at my spectacular defeat (we couldn’t have been older than 10 years old). Even though I was left humiliated, for some reason I didn’t want to drop the truth bomb that my mother had armed me with several years prior, I felt that it would be cruel. I looked at my teacher expecting her to say something to keep us honest and she merely peered at us over her glasses in silence and resumed her reading.

At that moment I realized that mostly everyone is full of 💩 for all the right reasons.

But as I opined earlier, a lie is a lie; no matter your intention the effect is always going to be on net negative.

a relevant song…………….kinda.

Something else that has shaped my thinking on this elusive Santa Clause effect is a story I heard on the radio. Essentially, this one family had this extreme but very cool tradition of going on a wild goose chase for Santa in the frozen fields by their home, with the grandfather making telltale trails and suspicious noises to spark the children’s sense of wonder and imagination. Several years later, when the parents finally got the guts to outright tell one of their children that Santa isn’t real, the poor tween basically suffered a mental breakdown and the relationship between parents and child never truly recovered.

True story.

click me

Sure this may be an extreme example (is it really though? How many people would be brave enough to share similar experiences?) but all these stories were just to help illustrate how a “little lie” can lead to unintended and unfavorable effects, effects that we take for granted.

I liken my mentality, upon hearing the truth, and that kid’s from NPR, representing two polar opposites on the spectrum measuring “severity of reaction upon being told Santa is a hoax”.

Sure, there may be some children who never thought Santa was real to begin with and thus had no reaction to being told the truth that they already knew. But then they’re not really relevant to the equation because they never believed the lie in the first place so their mind is free from the illusions that are created from believing that lie.

I hope I’ve explained this as objectively as possible.

Now I’m shifting gears and taking the same principle into the adult world; this is where, if I don’t already, begin to sound crazy.

And a word of warning, this is going to get progressively more crazy as you read (also, final warning, this is quite long so you might have to read a bit and then stop and come back some other time, no rush).

Let me just give you a simple example of “everyone being full of 💩 for all the right reasons” before I continue to examples that are zanier and more insane.

I remember one day in school when I was about 12 years old, we were watching a Nativity movie, one of the millions.

I was sitting in the front of the class because I was (am) blind as a bat. Our teacher was on standby at the side of the television to “tune” the VCR as necessary since the video would display those white lines on the screen periodically.

The scene with the traveling of the 3 wise men came around and one of them looked like James Earl Jones with a turban. I saw my teacher look at me from the corner of my eye before she began to speak.

“And we know for a fact that one of the wise men was black.”

I felt annoyed, embarrassed, amused and flattered.

Is that even true? Do we know that for a fact?

Why would she say that?
For my benefit?
So that I wouldn’t feel left out?

Or to in some way acknowledge my presence?

It was complete 🐎💩, but she said it because I was the only black kid in that particular class at the time and, it being a Catholic school, there was a dire shortage of my peoples’ representation in the ever present lore of the Good Book (supposedly).

It was a lot of things but it was sweet most of all, IMO.

Still though, full of it for all the right reasons.

I would also like to apologize in advance as I’m currently relatively young and am being exposed to so many different ideas, chaos within my mind is inevitable. This sometimes causes me to generalize and paint with a wide stroke.

I have no doubt that this will lead me to errors and offenses of which I have no intention of committing.

This rant will be my base, and as my knowledge and experiences refine themselves I will expand, edit and outright flip flop as necessary.

I’m only a man, the things I don’t know are endless and the effects of those things are even more numerous.ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a

So in anticipation of the effects on individuals of the things I don’t know, I’m sorry and I promise to keep on searching so that I may, objectively, do right by You.

Now that that’s out the way.

In order to convince you of my legit desire for openness and genuine (if not misguided) objectivity, the first example I’m going to discuss will be the one that is the most difficult for me. (this phrase is blue, meaning that it can be clicked but also that the content therein is much more relevant to what is being written than a red or white clickable word or phrase. Again, to click anything or not is completely up to you.)


Screenshot 2016-05-19 00.29.45
Intellectuals and Race

I am an African American man, literally. My father is Nigerian and my mother is American.

Although I’ve always been what I guess can be called a liberal, my current identity as an African American is different than most black americans as I do not believe we are worthy of the kind of sympathies that our social, political and cultural undertakings would imply. My pro black sentiment is held within the respect I have for those that came before me and the sacrifices they made that made my wonderful life possible.

My pride is in the dedication to recognizing and exposing the lies that we have forged into our fetters and reaching the heights that Destiny has provided for us.


What is blackness?
Where did this idea come from?
Are we sure it came from black Americans?
Who falls into the term “blacks”?


Is the term really exclusive?
Or is it exceedingly inclusive?

My mother is a completely different shade than I, is she just as black?JPEG image-359136553055-1
She is more pro-black, to a higher extent and with regards to more issues, than most “blacks”.
Is it based on the color of one’s skin or is it an ideology?
If it’s an ideology, who determines the standard?

Race is nothing, it’s meaningless, an illusion.

Even the mere formation and maintenance of a general standard with regards to external factors conducive to individual advancement in a civil society will forever elude us precisely because we believe in Race so much.

But many black Americans will not be able to accept the somewhat humbling implication that our suffering is just dust in the wind with respect to the sheer magnitude of total human experience. IMG_1068 (1)

Nothing less than what has worked for all successful people throughout history will work for someone from anywhere, regardless of skin color. If you believe that your “suffering” grants you worthy of special treatment then it will be to your peril, whether you are conscious of it or not.

I mean, at this point, can black Americans still deny this easily observed fact?

If you have work ethic, you will succeed. If you don’t, it’s highly unlikely that you will succeed in any tenable fashion.

It’s just a fact.

Black Americans till this day strive for “social justice” and racial equality. Quickly citing countless statistics and experiences that seem to affirm the need for this struggle. More recently, I can ask someone to explain the ways in which our people’s oppression is manifest, they almost always mention differences in income between blacks and whites.

Some time ago I was informed of the difference in income between White and Asian Americans and had begun to carefully weave the facts therein into my own political discussions, from the Barbershop to the church to the forums.

I didn’t do this because I recognized it as the cursed morsel of Truth that greatly weakened an assumption that I had always held as True. It was because, like a fool, I had thought of it as a simple, interesting, harmless and inconsequential quirk.

I noticed that whenever this “quirk” was brought up I was met with statements pretty much claiming that “white people like Asians”.

What began to get my spidey sense tingling was the tangible hostility and/or disappointment that would now lace the conversation; at this point, generally speaking, civil and intelligent discussion becomes impossible.

Recently I caught myself reading a truly 💩-tier local New York newspaper and noticed a piece discussing pay gaps between men and women and blacks and whites.

The statistics provided stated simply that the average income of white families was greater than that of blacks. However, the point of the piece was to stir the pot in regard to black oppression, so naturally any sensible and objective analysis of the data didn’t happen.

Knowing the circumstance of our communities when compared to that of whites, is it really surprising that most white people make more than most blacks?

I can count on one hand the number of black friends that have careers and earn a steady, sizable income. I know that my experience isn’t the rule but then the question is whether or not anyone is really surprised that most black Americans make less money than most whites?

If so, how come?
Does black American society have an inherent quality that values economic stability? Does it make traits that lead to success i.e. education, work ethic, savings, etc., a priority?

I have lived in black American communities my whole life and have never got that vibe in any consistent or substantial fashion.

Why is the difference so swiftly attributed to oppressive racism?
Is that what that statistic is telling us?

To me, a more damning and conclusive statistic would be one that compared blacks and whites with similar levels of education, comparable occupations and equivalent years of work experience.

That hypothetical study would definitely bring my level of self pity to one that is on par with the general black American populace.

Fortunately, studies that do compare black and white families based on similar requirements (level of education, work experience, etc.) this diabolical gap shrinks, disappears and even reverses depending on the occupation.

The problem is that an ever decreasing percentage of blacks fulfill those requirements.

Even if one is being adamant and still wants to hold on to the belief of a racist cause, the nature of the necessary assessment of that racist cause is fundamentally changed, since now the assumed nature of the “pay gap” doesn’t mean what it was said to represent.

The discrepancies in level of pay between races has nothing to do with race in the manner and form with which we have been lead to believe; the statistics do not show that employers are racist, it shows that black Americans do not have the requirements in the same concentration that white people do (the cause for this may or may not be racist).

In addition, it can no longer be explained through an assumed but never critically challenged idea of “white generated, pro white, anti black racism”.

Going back to the original, vacuous statistic that merely shows that most whites make more than most black Americans, once Asians are introduced into the picture the gaps between races continue, now including a gap between whites and Asians similar to that of blacks and whites.

ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093aScreenshot 2016-05-18 23.31.33

I guess the first step to proceeding objectively would be to ask yourself if it’s more likely that these differences in results are all caused by the same thing or if it’s preferable to believe that each difference is caused by a different variable as you go across the board.

In other words, the latter preference would support the logic that the “pay gap” between whites and latinos is caused by variable A, while the pay gap between whites and Asians is caused by variable B; A and B being two separate and independent variables (focus on education and a value for productive work can both be placed under the umbrella of Culture, so they cannot serve as separate variables).

In this preference is the inevitable acceptance that variable A, which gave whites the edge when compared to latinos, is not sufficient enough to do it again when faced with Variable B, which gives Asians the edge, thus why B is the determining factor between Asians vs whites.

So in other words, variables determining superior levels of income change completely from comparison to comparison.

I couldn’t even think of one set of variables that are completely separate from each other and cannot be broken down to an identical core variable that at the same time would be responsible for differences in incomes by race. After all, that is the very minimum of what needs to be done in order to be able to objectively examine the “different variable” idea.

It is impossible to do.

Therefore I believe it is undeniable that the differences in income between races are all caused by the same variable.

Because of this the answer cannot be “white generated, pro-white, anti black racism”.


This, too, I hope I’ve explained as objectively as possible. I know there was a condescending ramble in there for a moment or two and I apologize.

If the cause for the pay gap is not “white generated, pro white, anti black racism” then what is?

After all, this entity is the Conscious Miasma that every black American has been told is the Enemy.

If the entity is merely a convenient illusion born from our biased understanding (or an intentional misrepresentation) of the black-white pay gap, in what other aspects of our politics is it again, just a convenient illusion; fearfully hidden in plain sight, scared to death that someone just might do the unthinkable and do a double take?


I don’t want to devote my time discussing and breaking down every idea born from “pro-white, anti-black” assumptions or other ways in which people believe oppressive racism to be manifest, it will take too long. But I bet if you look twice at every supposed issue you will see that the logic and the steps utilized in the deductive process to analyze and prove the assumption to be fact, is not sound or is simply not present at all.

If the Conscious Miasma doesn’t really exist, what have we been spending our time fighting against?

The effects of such a pitiful misallocation of resources over such an exhaustively lengthy period of time would logically create an endless abyss of errors; including, on our part, a wasting of people’s concerns, sympathies and good will.

I don’t believe that black people are at fault for believing in the Conscious Miasma; we’re told that American Slavery was in a league of its own in terms of brutality, in addition, anti-black racism is not imagined, it is real (although I do believe that racism covered by the media is not proof of some sinister desire for oppression as much as it is one for distraction).

However, all these things being taken into account does not relieve man of his duty to understand the function and objectivity of trial and error.

It’s fine if we believe that the Miasma is the entity responsible for our failings and therefore dedicate ourselves to the acquisition of political power in order to extinguish it. But if we amass more political power and the “gap” that we are perceiving remains unchanged and, in actuality, increases, at what point do we draw the conclusion that our belief is wrong? At what point do we go back to the drawing board and reanalyze the reasons and logic behind the assumptions that were arbitrarily designated as True?

The unwillingness of the black American leaders to do this simple, logical and common sense step, elementary to any problem solving endeavor, is the most basic manifestation of Black Self Destruction in America. rev

If only they cared about us enough to be honest and reveal the Truth about themselves and others like them.

Because the people have bought into the idea that our downfall is caused by the Conscious Miasma, they are in a constant intellectual battle against a nonexistent enemy.ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a

Because the enemy does not exist, our efforts to fight it do nothing to stop the effects that are supposedly caused by its existence.

Because the effects remain unchanged and in fact continue to grow, the morale of the people is damaged, eroding us from within. The nature of this erosion is the inevitable result of our fighting a nonexistent enemy, the True cause for the effects in question continues to thrive.

I completed high school in Nigeria and it was no joke...
I completed high school in Nigeria and it was no joke…

Unnoticed and unchallenged.

I am a man of average intelligence; I received an average degree from an average university.

The first two years of my high school education were even less impressive.
I remember what it was like being a student in my town’s high school; the constant fights, the palpable and ever present disdain for schooling and any kind of academic achievement. This was also accompanied by the typical modern teenage obsession with sex, resulting in the creation of several unwed mothers and baby daddies before we even sat for our PSATs.

By the way, I have a theory that when groups feel powerless and are without ambition they resort to behavior that “feels good” to fill that void e.g. sex and drugs.
Could already be a proven fact, I am too lazy to research that.

Many of the ne’er do wells I hung with spent their school days smoking pot, disrupting class and hanging around the bodega.

A number of us worked 💩 jobs, went to college, did 💩 internships and eventually attained careers (still 💩).

Whenever I go back to the hood and run into the old ne’er do wells, many of them are in the exact same place; wandering aimlessly through the neighborhood, with no sense of purpose or ambition.

Our conversations are usually meaningless and hollow and are mainly displays of good will but they always, sooner or later, touch on the issue of black oppression and how that is to blame for their stagnation.

Of course, the great majority of these people were the ones who spent the majority of their high school years slacking off, [gang] banging and making babies and thus, college was never really an option.

However, I did have a conversation with one several years ago and he lamented on how every job he attempts to apply for requires a college degree and how this reality helped him to understand that he “fucked up”.

But he also explained that he doesn’t kick himself too much as he had no one in his life that forced upon him the value of education and the worthlessness of the thug life.

I find this to be true; within many black American communities there is a strong disregard for academics starting with the adults and working its way down, inevitably, to the children.
Nothing is absolute, and I wouldn’t dare claim that there are no black Americans that value academics and pass that ideology on to their children.

But here’s another story, I interned as a Community Health Organizer for a local university, it just so happened that the town in which this coordinator was stationed was my old neighborhood. One of my responsibilities was to partake in various town meetings, things like school board and town hall meetings were on my to-do list.

The school board meetings (in which policy makers discuss their plans on how to run the community’s schools and by extension, the how, what and why regarding the teaching of the children), have a parental presence that is a tiny fraction of what would be representative of the total number of students.

Or rather, the presence fails to give the impression that the vast majority of parents care anything at all about what is going on with their children’s education. If I was young and naive I’d dismiss this discrepancy as being caused by a parental population that solely works nights but I know that not to be true.

Another oddity I noticed was during parent-teacher conferences regarding the honor students, all the parents were either Hispanic or immigrant black. Again, not enough black Americans with respect to their overall body count in the school.

In the school at least once a month the student body would be read an excerpt from the biography of an outstanding individual who overcame obstacles to reach success. The black success stories were always relegated to sports and music; there was never a story of a black individual that gained fantastic success in the academic world, those stories were relegated to whites.

I know there are academic titans in the world today that are black; Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Cornel West just off the top of my head, so this baffling failure really made no sense to me, regardless of whether or not their life views fall in line with our own, people like them should be held high as standards of our academic potential.

There’s no reason for them not to, if our wailings suggesting a desire for equality of “opportunity” are to be taken seriously.

Why don’t our communities see black academics worthy of being role models for our children?

I think it is just another example of the general black American disinterest in academia and, in the example I’ve given, manifest amongst the administrators of the school and displayed for the impressionable Future to witness, internalize and keep.

Are we even willing to acknowledge that this disinterest exists at a higher level than any other “race” in America today?
If we acknowledge this disinterest, do we then ignore the inevitable systemic effects stemming from this behavior?

Or do we attribute it to being just another manifestation of the Conscious Miasma’s sinister nature at work i.e. blame it on the white man?

If there is anyone foolish enough to actually agree with the last part then my response would be, can the solution to our behavior truly come from without? I don’t believe there is anything that the white man can do that will improve the social, moral and academic standings of black Americans as a whole, at best they can uplift one standing at the cost of another.

True evolution can only come from within, that’s just the way of the world and every other group has seemed to understand this fact for quite some time, including immigrant blacks (some that have a seething distaste for their black American brethren). There is nothing special about black Americans that would shift the burden of responsibility to someone other than themselves.

It’s just stupid.

Black Americans have fed into a lie that is not only proven to be untrue by history (which I realize no one gives a shit about anymore even though it holds the keys everyone is supposedly looking for) but is counterproductive to their goals as a people.

However, the guilt pertaining to both the inception of this lie and it’s promulgation does not lay solely with the black political elite, I would even suggest that its inception cannot be attributed to blacks at all.

Anyway, why do we still believe that the key to fixing our system, our culture, our people lay within political power when the worst of our neighborhoods, whether in education or socioeconomics, are headed (seemingly) by black politicians?

You don’t even need to go that far, just look at Obama. Has the collective standing of black Americans changed a bit now that we got the “black” president we always wanted?

I will concede that there may be more black celebrities and society has become more open towards black partner interracial relationships, if Hollywood is any indication (whether this is directly related to Obama requires a level of empirical study in areas that I’m not really up for); but has there been substantive progress able to propel black Americans from the ground up?


(I will come back to Obama)

This belief in the (historically unprecedented) transformative effects of raw political power fails the experiment of trial and error; it is not the key.

Is it politicians that are the ones that will make us see the destructive nature of the hip hop industry and cause us to dismiss it with the disgust that it deserves?

It would help, but our community as a whole has to dismiss it collectively.

Don’t like the embarrassing videos of our 5 year olds twerking?

How would you imagine politics fixing such a thing, assuming that it, the twerking, is a cancer and is not merely a symptom of our affliction?

We need to have moved on, testing other hypotheses as to the True cause of our misfortunes.

As we progress and face the realities that are the keys to our growth and dispose of the myths that stagnate us, the masks will fall away, the strings of the puppets will become visible and the hands of the prime mover, the Real Miasma, will be exposed.

Screenshot 2016-05-19 00.45.48

Another aspect of the general black American community is its proclivity for mindless and self destructive violence. A lot of the kids in my high school were in “gangs”, they really weren’t about anything noble or cool they just cut class, got into fights, smoked pot and knocked up the Ratchets.

I had been around it my whole life as, although I had attended a Catholic school out of town prior to high school, I had many friends in the area and spent my whole summers going around the neighborhood.

But spending so much of my time with a lot of my fellow community youth eventually left me with the feeling that there was something psychologically wrong with them, and I wasn’t the only black kid that thought so.

I remember my baseball team had a home game against a team that was from a mostly white town. The parents of the other team had gathered up the courage to bulletproof their cars and make the drive to the ‘hood’ to watch the game.

The game was going good until some of the “gangstas” from the school caught wind of a varsity baseball game and decided to come on down.

I remember a teammate tapping my shoulder and motioning for me to look.

I spied them far down the pitch of the campus walking towards us like outlaws in a western, the wafting scent of marijuana replaced the cliched tumbleweed. My sense of foreboding proved to be spot on as a dreadful fight broke out next to our dugout between a teammate and a newly arrived, opposing gang member. I remember my teammate, who first alerted me to their arrival, look at me, close his eyes and shake his head in shame.

The parents of the other team began yanking their children from the field. One of the few black parents on the other team was beside herself with rage and disappointment.

This is not normal or acceptable.

I remember another day in which there was an arbitrary fire drill, a frequent occurrence that I had grown quite fond of (a fact that I use to back my belief that the spirit of these communities erode and wear down the character of even well meaning and focused children, all it needs is time). My high school’s property at the time had two opposing baseball fields in the back, their respective outfields eventually merging into one.

A row of tennis courts ran along the foul line of the middle field, separated by a walkway. If one travels down this walkway, they will meet a short descending hill that ends in the campus’s running track with the football field in its center. At the opposite side of the track ran the fence that kept the asylum at bay from the rest of the world, followed by forest and woodland. I saw my friends playing cards on a set of bleachers that looked out on to the football field and so I began to walk across one of the baseball fields to reach them.

Suddenly a wave of gangstas came running towards the baseball field from the tennis courts with some emerging from the bush, hopping the fence with weapons in hand.

Upon arrival, they began to beat the 💩 out of the members of a rival gang that had gathered on the field that I was unknowingly traversing.


The best way I can explain the ensuing mayhem is to compare it to the game Streets of Rage (Bare Knuckle).

As suddenly as it started, it ended; the victors swiftly exploding from their clusters of frenzy and dispersing into different routes of escape.

All this to be “cool”.

It would seem that our culture endows us with an insatiable lust for mindless violence.

This also is manifest in the fact that our neighborhoods are rife with a twisted and somewhat confounding glorification of inner city gun violence; an aspect of our culture that is destroying only us and no one else.

The white man has nothing to do with the continuation of that one.

And because we are believing and honoring a lie, we are making way for more lies to follow.
I’ll go back to that later.

Moving on.ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a

The sneakers, oh gosh, the sneakers!!IMG_2196


To put it into perspective, think of someone who comes from income far below that of average but has a strange obsession with things merely because they were expensive.

These poor bastards would wait on line at the mall at the crack of dawn to pay $200+ for a pair of sneakers. It was insanity.

As we got older this obsession with expensive clothing grew into one surrounding cars. Until this day I have friends that live with their parents or family member (and have never lived alone), have children, no real education or skills and drive a way better car than my own.

Not hating just stating a fact.

"I have noted the fact, but without satisfaction, I need not add, that several of the boys who began their careers with "store hats" and who were my schoolmates and used to join in the sport that was made of me because I had only a "homespun" cap, have ended their careers in the penitentiary, while others are not able now to buy any kind of hat."
“I have noted the fact, but without satisfaction, I need not add, that several of the boys who began their careers with “store hats” and who were my schoolmates and used to join in the sport that was made of me because I had only a “homespun” cap, have ended their careers in the penitentiary, while others are not able now to buy any kind of hat.”

(And what’s with the Chrysler 300?)

I never understood our almost sociopathic desire for depreciable assets.

At first I thought it was just a manifestation of a desire to be more than what “society” shows you to be.

But then I thought why isn’t this desire manifest in our occupations, or our ambitions, our neighborhoods?

But then I realized all those manifestations required a level of sophistication and/or education to identify and appreciate, therefore the representations that we pursue so earnestly are petty and vapid and so only serve to cause us damage in the long run.

Why don’t we as a community view this behavior with the contempt it deserves rather than some charming quirk?

It’s a very silly way of thinking.

Why do we allow the glorification of our Destruction?

Our “music” seems to only care about the killing and deceiving of our brothers and the exploitation of our sisters.

But black lives matter.
You can say it all you want, no one is going to believe it until we start behaving like we do (as in, we, blacks, believing that our own lives matter as much as we expect everyone else to). The rates of our unwed mothers has been at a constant increase since the 60’s but social justice legislation will somehow fix that.

We have accepted the lie that Our penchant for gun violence isn’t caused by a flaw in our culture and have fallen for the rhetoric that calculatedly distracts us from the True obstacles to our advancement and instead presents sophistic ideas and solutions.

rant(tangential rant incoming)
For example, gun control.

Limiting the public’s access to guns may reduce the incidence of gun use amongst violent criminals, maybe (not as much as it will reduce the common man’s ability to defend his property) but we as a people are not interested in Consolation Prize Solutions.

(Or are we?)

The only people that will be losing their firearms, for sure, are law abiding citizens.
What is the ultimate goal of gun reform?
Outside of politics everyone knows that treating the symptom of a disease is not the same as curing the disease.

We’re being fed a lie and consuming it without thinking twice.

Why don’t black Americans wake up and realize that we’re destroying ourselves?

img_2742Black lives matter?
The first individual I ever personally heard use the color of a black person’s skin as a means of insult was black.

The first time I heard insults belittling Africans was by black people at a black school, and I had come fresh from an all white school.
I had never seen that.

I leave the implications to you.
rantend(tangent end)
Demetrius Blackwell (couldn’t be a worse name btw) shot and killed Officer Brian Moore.

Do black lives matter when our communities continue to churn out pathetic excuses for human beings, similar to Demetrius?

Or does it only matter when we can paint ourselves the victim?

Do we truly believe that our proclivities towards violence is not endemic to our culture?

Attributing the responsibility to anyone but ourselves is folly and cowardice.

Detective Holder was “black” and was gunned down by yet another black American psycho.

He (the psycho) definitely didn’t get the message about how our lives matter and stuff.

Alls I’m saying is that it’s irresponsible and nonsensical to project our internal and cultural issues on to external sources and say that they are the cause and must be held accountable for the effects of those issues.

It’s cowardly and weak.
We need to wake up.

Somewhat the other half to my crackpot theory on the manner in which empty and unfulfilled lives lead to destructive and unending indulgent behavior (irresponsible drug use, violence, wanton sex), I believe that the issues and demons orchestrating our destruction can be made powerless if we focus all of our efforts in ensuring our children’s attainment of profitable training and skills.

Whether it’s through academia or trade schools.

If we make this our only focus and goal, all the other intricate and complexly tangential obstacles to our evolution will fall away; the music industry will probably instantly become recognized as a tool of our enslavement, crime will now have to be weighed against the black hole equivalent that is positive ambition, our entertainment industry will be recognized as being an expensive distraction intended to pull us away from our inevitable greatness.

All we need to do is dedicate our communities to that goal.

Basically, when people have goals that are bigger than themselves, they try harder, focus sharper; able to filter out and insulate themselves from things that serve to remove them from said goals.

It’s what is responsible for every downtrodden group’s ascension to economic affluence.
When people have goals bigger than they are they try harder.

Simple as that.

If we focus all of our efforts in ensuring our children are equipped with knowledge, self respect, dignity and education we won’t have to worry about going nuts when (if) one of ours is wrongfully shot; the world will be pissed for us.

Fine, that’s a big assumption, but isn’t it wiser to try something new and obviously beneficial than to keep doing things that don’t work while hoping for a different result?

At this point, this is the only hope for our Renaissance, anything short of this is a distraction and is ultimately an attempt at running out the metaphorical clock to our survival.

IMG_0079 (1)

If these changes aren’t implemented immediately “diversity” will twist and contort all aspects of American life because people are too weak to say the obvious.

What we call African American culture is a cancer upon Our nation, which is the reason why southern whites, who were the original progenitors of this culture that we believe to be our own, abandoned it upon seeing the degree to which it hindered them.

Southern blacks, still retaining this counter culture, moved up north for employment and infected the “bougie” black population already there (many of whom had jobs with whites, homes in white communities and had already assimilated the productive culture of the north) and long story short, the counter culture was now identified as “African American culture” which, historically, couldn’t be further from the Truth.

So, in essence, just another lie.
Similar to “our music”.
It’s not our music, it’s just music that we’re told to produce and enjoy and have been for decades.

If it didn’t originate from us then I don’t see how we can say it’s ours.

But few blacks are aware of this because no one gives a ? about Our History and the Truth about the past is treated as passé and is washed out by the assumed reality of the current time.

It’s all bullshit.

One of the most devastating and terrifying possibilities is generations of Our children being born into a lie. They will have no means or knowledge that can act as the basis for comparison necessary to identify the current reality as false and twisted because the abominable nature of their existence is all they know.


I liken it to The Matrix.
The people of the Matrix had no way of knowing that what they were living was an illusion as that was all they knew.

All the people that were around during the creation of the illusion knew what the world looked like before the illusion was put into effect and thus were able to tell what was real and what wasn’t; they had a basis for comparison.

Naturally, their objective knowledge never saw the light of day as they were long gone.

Morpheus’s crew knew the Truth and could see that everyone was living a lie but their word meant nothing to the general populace.

It wasn’t that what they knew wasn’t based on Facts or that it wouldn’t resonate with every single individual (Sheep), it was just that it was counter to what the Entity that was in control had decreed as True.

If Morpheus’s crew ever tried to inform the Sheep of the Truth they would be called crazy. Again, not for any flaw within the nature of their statements but just because it challenges the notions the Sheep have so blindly accepted.

A real world and less embarrassing example would be the legacy of Nanjing.
As time goes on the Holders of Truth die out and the Liars grow in number. The inevitable result of this trend is a future in which children are taught that Nanjing was a hoax and eventually it will be forgotten totally, creating the potential for something similar to happen again due to the effects of infectious ignorance.

On a somewhat lighter note, is there something behind blacks’ high rate of interracial marriage?

It’s weird and difficult to critically think about this issue because at times, I do see it as a manifestation of our dislike for ourselves.

One can try to explain it away with ease with things like “sistas got too much attitude” but then I have to be honest and acknowledge that Hispanic women have at least as much attitude as black women and if I go by what has been expressed to me, young black American men have a strong preference for Latinas over black women so I will never be able take that reasoning seriously.

On the other hand, I have often heard sentiments from black women on how they “want a white man” but are having difficulty. I generally take that to mean that they have grown weary of the antics of black men and have succumbed to the charms of a group that is purportedly less flawed.
Let me say now, I do not believe that our relatively low level of intraracial attraction is due to anything more than our collective belief in an illusion.

I feel that anyone can fall in love with anyone from any race. I do not believe anyone is naturally attracted to or repulsed by anyone inherently due to the phenotypic traits of the race in question.

That’s my opinion based on my very limited earthly experiences, I could be wrong.

At most, I can imagine traits molded (or outright designated) by those in control may take priority over the objectivity of raw attraction. But that’s about it.

I’m going to end the black American segment of my rant right after this.

I believe that Barak Obama is a fraud and the lies that control black Americans are what allowed him to become president.ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a

It’s humorous in a way but I feel that subconsciously, many people feel (or felt) that Barak Obama has a higher sense of morality and justice because he hails from the black American experience.

The question one must ask themselves is if they truly believe politicians and bureaucrats give a 💩 about the public at large.

Anyway, back to my revelation.

The manner through which I identify Obama as a fraud is quite simple, at least it is for me, it just requires objectivity. Problem is, people aren’t objective when it comes to Obama, I often hear my fellows claim how he’s trying to help blacks but white people won’t let him.

This reasoning is impervious to that bullshit excuse.

Over the course of his term he developed some sort of kinship with the rapper Jay-Z.

Now, regardless of who Jay-Z may claim to have evolved into now (I’m sure he’s a great guy) it doesn’t change the fact that he was a major player in the effort of the entertainment industry to remove black American youth from the world of education and training.

If that is too much to swallow for now let’s just leave it at recognizing the fact that Jay is a major face to the current Hip Hop industry and impressionable individuals recognize him instantly and idolize him and value the destructive lifestyle that he, and others like him, represent.

He's a business, man.
He’s a business, man.

It’s just a fact.

Gangsta rap promoted high levels of negativity and unsavory behavior amongst our youth.

It’s just a fact.

Outside of pointless and foolish violence, it promoted an obsession with getting rich quick through crime. A method that has never proved successful for any minority group in the interests of lasting accumulations of wealth.

What’s worse is that, by design, it never promotes behavior that is proven to aid in the acquisition of long standing wealth and meaningful ascension.

Never heard bars along the lines of;

“Go to school, my nigga.
Work hard and get that training
Get a job in your field and make that chedda,
Run for your life away from depreciable assets,
Save, save, invest and save

Is there any disagreement that gangsta rap, and at this point all of hip hop, has systematically destroyed our children by teaching them to value the destructive and to avoid, with contempt, the productive?

It’s a business, man.

It’s destroyed our women by encouraging them to be whores.
It’s destroyed our men by discouraging them from being Men.
It’s destroying our children by influence.

It’s just a fact (although the overtly violent and angry version of hip hop has been replaced, for the most part, with the trend of foolish insouciance on a catchy beat).

Barak Obama was essentially elected because he was seen as the symbol for racial peace in Our Nation. Black people voted for him because they believed he was finally the president that would do right by them and “fix the system that was so long against them”.

White people believed that he would bring about, through his “blackness”, an end to the racial tensions of Our Country, simply due to the inevitable magic that comes with his being black.

I’m not saying that no black president that was truly focused on advancing black Americans as a whole in any meaningful way would ever allow themselves to be seen smiling with Jay.ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a

I’m saying that no well meaning black president would do it without publicly denouncing what rap culture stands for and acknowledging the systematic damage it has done to our community on a level at least equivalent to the manner in which he passively supports it.

It was his responsibility to focus black Americans on the goals towards evolution.


Everyone talks of equal opportunity and achievements as if success is something that must be bestowed upon the populace by society.

“One kid’s family sits around at dinner time and talks about sports and the other kid’s family sits around at dinner time and talks about science, and they do that for twenty years and now they have an ‘equal opportunity’ to get into Harvard; who do you think is most likely to make it?”

Our culture, our values, our leaders is what’s destroying us.

Destroying the allure of the hip hop industry and, in Truth, the whole black entertainment industry and exposing them as the invisible fetters that trap our people was probably the most introductory and basic step to his agenda of igniting a new renaissance for black Americans and, by proxy, Our Nation.

But instead he becomes chummy with the “faces” of the very industry that is our cancer, inviting them to the White House and allowing them to mention him in their lyrics, rife with profanity and darkness; naturally leaving Our Future with the impression that the first black president approves of hip hop and everything it represents (our stagnation and ultimate destruction).

Why wouldn’t they?
He has never denounced it in any meaningful way.


Anyway, most objective human beings know how destructive and on net negative the hip hop culture is; whites, Asians, Africans etc. all know it’s crap.

The fact that this reality made no difference to Our first black president, who was elected on the belief that he would aid black Americans in progressing and evolving in a way no white president would commit to, proves to me that he is a fraud and that he never had any interest in aiding black Americans in any meaningful way.

They were just pawns indispensable in the plan to get power.

I guess I would put a “tin foil hat disclaimer” (tinhat)  somewhere here as it can seem like a conspiracy theory but at this point, seeing as how nothing has changed for black Americans, in fact, much has gotten worse, I have no doubt that what I’m saying is indeed the Truth.

Barak Obama doesn’t care about black people.
It’s just a fact.

I am of the belief that the welfare system has pretty much destroyed black Americans.
No matter how you slice it, welfare has to end; either for the sake of black people or for that of Our nation’s finances. It’s going to be painful no matter how you look at it, we don’t know if the pain will be minimal or extreme. What we do know is that the longer we wait and twiddle Our thumbs, the problem becomes more complicated and severe.

People’s fear of the effects is what cause them to resist the obvious solution. Instead they claim racism and unfair treatment in total dismissal of the disastrous effects, on net balance, welfare has had on the people they claim to protect.

Our first black president was tailor made to be the one to ease our people into the transition of the real world with real responsibilities, real values and real rewards. If there was anybody black people would have listened to in regard to the end of the Welfare System, it would have been the nation’s first black president.

He has wasted our opportunity for a renaissance and reformation but people can’t see it because the illusion of the zeitgeist is breathtakingly efficient.
He is a fraud.

I may not understand the politics of all the issues he navigates but these facts alone reveal to me that he is a fraud and I hold steadfast to this secret knowledge like a light in the darkness.

Just allow yourselves to look at the past several years objectively and it becomes obvious.
He might have nice empty words and be able to charm us when he activates his blackness ggx_zato1_win and appears to be a member of the fold but it’s all bullshit….

Just like everything else.

This is black politics; blacks are overwhelmingly democrat, not because of any positive result attained through democratic legislation but because all republicans and their viewpoints have been decreed as racist through the democrats and their charlatan henchmen and blacks obediently go along with it.

To my fellow black Americans, just like when Santa is revealed as not being real, the Truth hurts and that’s why I believe so many of us are delusional when it comes to facing facts in regard to who we are and how we got here.

The more you’re sold on an idea the more devastating it is when you have to face, either through reluctant analysis or by force, that what you have believed for so long is utter nonsense, a fairytale constructed by some invisible troll who knew exactly what he could get away with because you have been effortlessly predictable.

Black people have no culture of their own to anchor them so that they are tethered against the storm of suggestion, influence and oppression, because of this they become whatever the Real Miasma says they should be.

For example, I predict in a few years, transgenders (including any permutation that falls in that overarching identity) and their imagery are going to be major aspects of the “African American identity”, I can already see it happening.

Regardless of how you feel about it morally or by principle, whether you support it or despise it, the formulation of the black American identity is always formed by a non-black entity.

I use this example not because I take issue with transsexuals and their imagery but just because it is an aspect of our culture that is still in its fledgling stages and which the slow process of its assimilation can still be witnessed and given attention.

The process of assimilation of “gangstas” and “whores” as an identity and culture by the black American community has so long been over and has been so efficient that it’s difficult for many to imagine a time when there was never such an identity tied to blackness.

The transsexual lifestyle and imagery has been arbitrarily gaining more prevalence in the “African American culture”, however; if you go and ask individual black American adults whether or not they support the trend it will be a hot minute before you find someone that does.

At least we can all be in agreement that the naysayers would greatly outweigh that of the supporters.

So where’s this coming from?
Surely the opinion of the few cannot outweigh that of the majority in a culture that’s as loud and opinionated as the black American.
That imagery is being pushed on the culture and since we have nothing to safeguard us from it (Culture with a capital c), we fall into becoming the characters Whoever portrays us as being.

And it erodes greater society gaining entry through us.

Very few things that we consider as “black” today had an inception that had anything to do with blackness or black people.

Which is inevitable if you think about it.

IMG_2807 2

Black Americans are a hybrid race if you even believe in race as a concept.
They have the option to build their race around the enlightening and productive but have been fooled into valuing exclusively the destructive; pride and ignorance has them locked in silent delusions. This dreamworld is encouraged with the approval of the Friendly White Racist whom blacks trust in second to no one, as they seemingly have no reason to mislead them, but that’s only on the small chance that their (the racist’s) intentions really are what they (blacks) arbitrarily choose to believe they (the intentions) are.

I believe the reality is a lot more cold than even the most conspiratorial Barbershop would consider.
The only way black American’s and, by proxy, the whole black race, will survive is if they change their whole culture and focus solely on the productive, refined and disciplined.

There are no more shortcuts. ⏳⌛️

I don’t know how to explain the danger of ignorance, I will try to showcase what I mean with this although it is not perfect.

Several years ago I was listening to Beat It by Michael Jackson, as I pulled into the parking lot of a convenience store Eddie Van Halen’s solo began. I listened to it for a bit and then got out of my car to enter the store.

As usual, there was a gate composed of “gangstas” situated at the store’s entrance (completely destroying the business owner’s potential for profits through their presence alone nugbag ) and I heard one of them say to me, “You listen to that white boy shit?”
The members of his support group began to laugh.

I stared at him with a grin of anticipation waiting for some acknowledgment that this was just an ill conceived joke, an attempt at conversation; I have had conversations with people that were more unlikely than he, brought about by circumstances that were more preposterous than this.

But no such acknowledgement came.
Black people in the hood were saying that Michael Jackson was white boy music.


How could this be?
What quality of the music made them decree it as not black?
Or maybe, what qualities of blackness had they been taught must be present that was absent from the music they had heard me playing?
Who is the engine behind this determination?
What does this signify for the future mentality of black people as a whole culture?








So what’s really good with Feminism?

What do We as a society believe is the role of a woman?

Are women and men capable of the same things?

Would any woman be attracted to a man whose ambition was to be a stay at home father?

I understand stuff happens and people get laid off forcing the family structure to rearrange itself but that’s different as I feel most men in those situations feel bitter and emasculated as it’s a man’s job to provide and ensure the security of his wife and children.

It’s just a fact.
I’ve been there.

There’s a reason why women are attracted to ambitious men and men are attracted to wifey material women. Women that are good with children and know how to cook, clean, etc. are attractive to men more so than a woman who works her ass off and is a single CEO.

Being a successful businesswoman represents the presence of a certain trait that I believe is Good, but it doesn’t really get the juices going in a “let’s make a home” kind of way.

Similar to how most women, if they’re being honest, would be repulsed by a young man who plans on being a stay at home dad; he would immediately be banished to the friend zone.

It’s just a fact (well, almost but not really).

I believe that an ever present wife and mother are necessary for the foundation of a successful home. I also believe that “feminism”, as we call it, has had a central role in the degradation of the American family.

Similar to how black peoples’ years of victimization lead them to believe in a lie, so have “women” been conned into believing a lie and adopting a sense of purpose that is not of their own making. Feminism, I believe, should demand more from men, in areas of fidelity, loyalty, hard work, fatherhood, partnership etc. Instead it attempts to replicate the environment conducive to Men Failure and apply it to womanhood.

Of course, dealing with the source of Men Failure is more difficult than creating a level and equally as destructive playing field but it is the only honest solution. Any other solution is a lie, so just like blacks’ Conscious Miasma, the initial causes of the dissatisfaction remain and new unprecedented problems are born.

There are industries that thrive off of Men Failure; the porn and divorce industry come to mind, because of this, exposing and vanquishing the True Enemy is by no means easy but that doesn’t mean that we must settle for the “next best thing”; the “next best thing” isn’t next or best it’s just an untruth that makes the problem worse.

Like using aqueous sarin to put out a forest fire.

As “feminism” has evolved over time I can’t help feeling a sense of foreboding, like the original motive behind it was that of evil.

Instead of focusing on bettering Our men and creating a society that incentivized and took pride in all the different cogs that make up a productive, strong and insulated family, feminism ignores all those meaningful solutions and said women should have access to the flaws of Men Failure as well and as a result, the likelihood of success of a typical American family is quite dubious.

Because feminism sprayed aqueous sarin instead of water.

Our divorce rates have skyrocketed and this is seen as a trivial matter. The no fault divorce law helped in making the disintegration of the American home a piece of cake, helping to speed up Our progressive apathy towards the grave responsibilities that come with marriage and divorce and, ultimately, having children.
Children are destroyed by divorce; it erodes their respect for the empowering nature of family and that’s just one of the many effects.

Or have we bought into the idea that the effect of a strong family unit is minimal when compared to the alternative?

How important is it for a young girl to see her father treat her mother with love, kindness and strength? Is the role that will play in her development into a young woman minor or excessively important?img_2119

And if you believe that it is important do you ever ask yourself why Our society seems to be obsessed with making such a scenario highly unlikely?

Is there a conscious effort to destroy Our children or am i paranoid?
It depends on your response to those previous questions I guess.

Is it better to have a strong tight family or does it ultimately not matter?
I believe that somewhere along the way we forgot the empowering nature of a tight family and somehow fell for the notion that a strong family is meaningless and has no real effect on a growing individual.

We must have because the industries that are the most plentiful and most pursued are ones that destroy families. Things like divorce and a creepily sex obsessed entertainment industry should have been things that feminists sought to eradicate from American society and then force men to perform and provide at a level that had dignity and respect to the general baseline expectation of women.

That’s exercising the power of women to get what they want that at the same time promotes Good.

It sounds far fetched but back in the 60’s, if “feminists” demanded that divorce be made illegal, infidelity made illegal (you scoff but it has always been illegal for women for all intents and purposes in most cultures, why not for men?), a banning of porn, etc. and behaved as one unified body pursuing what’s best for all women (which was impossible since in many feminist circles, racial hatred transcended “what’s best for all women” and thus wiped away from existence any possible timeline that could have occurred resulting from what would have been the most powerful group in America; Unified Women) which would be inexorably linked (opinion) and possibly superseded by (opinion), what’s best for children, The World Would Look Completely Different.

IMG_0805 (1)

Now children can see billboards advertising the Museum of Sex.

IMG_0781Little girls see advertisements for bigger tits on the subway instilling in them early on that they’re not good enough.

I wanted to buy my little cousins a new Disney album but they had that slut Tinkerbell on the cover in suggestive poses with a flushed face and it just made me angry.

(My wife thinks I’m crazy for this part so I will don the hat in acknowledgement for people that think like her)

tinhat(dons tin foil cap)

No one sees that Tinkerbell is just a little girl in lingerie?

Or are we just numb to it as Our brains have become washed with the imagery over the years, wearing away at, what would be, outrage and disgust at other, subtly linked behaviors (read: pageants, costumes, what’s considered fashion in general)?
removeshat-2(removes hat)

Is there really any question as to why Our Future is fucked in the head?IMG_0974
Do we really believe that there will be no comeuppance to (for?) Our disregard for their mental wellbeing?

Or do We just say fuck it because We know the fight will be a difficult one?
If Our Future isn’t worth fighting for then what is?

But back to the failure of feminism.
“Feminists” took the easy solution that seemed justified but had lies acting as its foundation.


Somehow porn has been intertwined with feminist ideals and woman empowerment, even though the focus and purpose of the industry remains the same as it’s always been.

The oppression and degradation of women.

Isn’t a more, pro female solution the actual removal of porn totally from society?

Or are we pretending that there are no ill effects on young minds exposed to pornography?

Are there no effects both from the perspective of an impressionable little girl and that of the general child in the process of developing perspectives on the world?

On women?
On men?

The likelihood of that early exposure only increases as we become numb to its True Effects and allow it to become more commonplace.

There is an idea that since porn allows many women to be profitable and control their own income it is therefore an institution for the Good.

Not really sure how the logic in that works but it’s definitely a thing.
As if none of its detrimental effects exist and the only things that matter are those which can (with a suspension of disbelief here and a disingenuous acceptance there) be seen as positive.

Divorce has also become a symbol representing feminist ideals when nothing has changed. Families and people are destroyed and the heads of children are fucked, making them even more susceptible to the malevolent influences that are constantly bearing down upon Us.

Why aren’t we focusing on eradicating the existence and production of inferior and impudent men rather than the celebration of divorce?

check it out kids!!
check it out kids!! smh

And just like blacks, the motive and rationale behind these causes never make any sense, it’s just an idea that was thrown out there and was arbitrarily put into the “common knowledge” bin.

What is the goal of slut walk?

People can’t see that these women are playing into the hands of the Enemy that they claim to be locked in battle with?

How is this okay?

Feminists took up the wrong battle based off a lie.
They should be forcing Our Manboys to behave like Men instead of forcing the acceptance of Women behaving like Manboys.

And because they opted to fight for the Consolation Prize Solution, there are other complicated, tangential problems that are now being manifest as a result.


All because the original idea and motive was based on an untruth; feminism was never a movement that meant to raise their standards by which men play it was just a forcible lowering of the standards by which women play by.

Is it “fair”? Maybe, in an “eye for an eye” kind of way.

It makes the whole world blind, so true it's almost scary.
It makes the whole world blind, so true it’s almost scary (heard he was a real dick tho).

Is it Right? Of course not.

It’s just a fact.

Women, when you wear your liberating, revealing, form fitting, feel good clothes; say you’re walking and you see a cluster of men on the sidewalk, do you like the feeling of them ogling you as you walk by?

Judging you by some arbitrary standard that has no basis in nature, reality or Truth?

Does it feel like that is a situation whose occurrence would be beneficial to a man or a woman?

Who’s submitting to whose vision?

When you constantly and intentionally, through your own effort, bombard men with sexuality and seduction it makes perfect sense why many of you believe it is impossible for a man to stay faithful. Another example of a group actively choosing behavior that is against their own self interest as members of said group and, true to form, no one says anything about it.

Why can’t attractive dress be based on something other than sex?
Why not something in brownie points for the coordination of something worn to that of eye color? Or that to hair? Or to facial structure?

Why overarching theme just sex?

Why is dressing like a whore and, by proxy, man’s most primitive and thoughtless conceptualization of femininity seen as an aid to Womanhood and their True Liberation?

One of the deftest mindfucks ever played on a whole group of people, IMO.

You WILL dress like a whore..
You WILL dress like a whore..


The United States of America is positively one of a kind; to a degree that Americans may feel a legitimate sense of arrogance when acknowledging this fact. 

America is great.
America is special.
America is unique.


The desire of people, from all over the world and throughout the years, to emigrate here is testament to those three facts.

Sure, African slaves didn’t exactly “come” here but there’s no doubt that the descendants of slaves in the U.S. are better off than their African cousins.

Trust me.

I did three years of high school in Nigeria; black Americans are better off.
The quality and standard of schooling may be superior in Nigeria, but as far as “quality of life” goes, don’t let any idiot guilt you into entertaining otherwise, black Americans got it made.ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a

It’s just a fact.

For better or worse, black Americans are free to enjoy, but otherwise are forced to accept, a much higher standard of living and higher probability towards acquiring real wealth, just from being in this land, than what they would be experiencing if their ancestors weren’t put on those boats.

It’s just a fact.

We destroy the gift that their pain and suffering granted us when we disgrace ourselves by living the way we do and waste our opportunities.
(one manifestation of the real miasma)

Also, before Western civilization began to disavow it, slavery was a normal and accepted fact of life in all areas of the world; including Africa.

America tore itself apart, partly to do away with it.

Anyway, America is great, we’ve screwed up big every once in a while, but compared to the rest of the world we’re where it’s at.

People aren’t coming here because it’s worse than what they’re leaving.

It’s just a fact.


Americans, taking pride in America doesn’t mean that you are co-signing the idea of white superiority. European countries became industrially advanced lands due to a happenstance that came with geography. One of the things that they had that many continents didn’t were beasts of burden.

This, among other things like fertile and useful rivers, increased their ability to experiment which, in turn, increased their ability to build.

Their ability to build increased their ability to spread.

Because they were able to spread, they experienced and witnessed great shifts in governance of other civilizations and groups, that knowledge made up their history.


It’s just like a videogame.

Through that knowledge the United States of America was born.

The greatness of America doesn’t come from the genetic, as we imagine it, it comes from the learned experiences of history. This creates an effect that is present only here and is the reason for Our greatness; the potential for equal and just freedom.

When we deny Our greatness due to some random sense of shame, we allow influence from the outside to dictate and determine Who We are on the inside, granting passage to entities that can slowly destroy that which makes Us great.

I remember back when that mosque in NYC created that big furor and so many people were for it being built and were busy demonizing and calling racist anyone that was opposed.

Even back then, I remembered thinking to myself where these guys even got the balls to request its construction.

I’m not saying all Muslims are bad but should we allow a mosque to be built on Our land with respect to the resonating climate due to events that occurred in the location in question?

Of course not.

Not only did we fail to adequately denigrate them for even bringing it up, but many Americans were actually entertaining the idea.

I’m not saying that the existence of a mosque in NYC will have an effect akin to the Trojan horse, I’m saying that Our willingness to allow it represented a decrease and disregard for pride in Our Country and Our experiences.

What is with Our obsession with multiculturalism?

What’s wrong with American culture?
How do you define it?

I would begin by starting at the Constitution; that’s Who We are.
Yes, American slavery was the most brutal, horrifying and inhuman time in Our history but slavery existed around the world and was essentially ended worldwide by Western cultures.
It’s just a fact.

There’s always blood spilled during the inception of all new empires.
We are no different.
Except in the fact that the descendants of the victims of Our sins are far better off than their cousins that don’t share their lineage of bloodshed and horror.

It’s just a fact.

Sure, We’re not perfect but We’re miles ahead of the guy in second place.

What is with this desire to allow external cultures to override and supersede the fabric of Our Country?

<rant engaged>
Try as I might it’s difficult for me, in my current state, to not be Pro-United States. I feel a spirit, force, trend (I don’t know how to explain it), intentionally moving to destroy us from the inside out and I think this entity is palpable to most. There are some that see this spirit of destruction as something altruistic and necessary to start anew and correct past mistakes, but that opinion is just generated from an ignorance of facts and history.

I’ve heard these ideas in Barbershops my whole life, as misguided as they are, these individuals are not the Enemy, they have merely been propagandized by Its puppets.

The question is what is it about America that’s so hated by these internal Villains that claim to be motivated by patriotic interests?

I don’t know but I think it has something to do with Its (America’s) dedication to Freedom from the outset. Our foundations make it impossible to usurp control from the population, therefore the population must be tricked into giving away the control that Our Founding Fathers made sure We would have.

I am prone to fantasy and this spirit of regression and destruction may just be the passive effect of human weakness manifest in a mostly free society; when there is room for manipulation and apathetic personal gain in a system there will be individuals willing to do what’s necessary to reap those benefits, no matter how ill-received.

It’s just a fact.

The dreamworld you love🦄, hates your guts☠ 

The ultimate question, regardless of the reason, is how do you destroy an Empire run by self governing people?


Make people stupid.

Dumb down the education.
Dumb down the stories.
Dumb down the music
Dumb down the movies.
Dumb down the video games.

Each of these may seem irrelevant by themselves but their net effect is devastating and undeniable. When everyone is made stupid, it’s hard for people to get smart.

brimming with integrity and relevance

I know I’m not the only one that sees this.

My mother is a public school teacher and during her first several years she was catching a lot of flak for failing her students left and right.

An administrator once questioned her as to why one student received an F despite being “a good kid”. The answer was that the kid did zero work for the class. My mother quickly became known for routinely flunking kids, something that was rarely done in the school.

There is a strong tendency in communities, especially those of low income, to pass students who are not passable in the interest of some twisted form of “kindness”. Of course, advancing an 8th grader to 9th when they are only capable of reading at a 3rd grade level only spells disaster for said youth. This trend continues with clueless 12th grade students miraculously graduating and being pushed mercilessly to higher education.

The overall effect of this is a decrease in the intelligence and mental ability of Our youth and ultimately, Our adults.

How else could 50 Shades of Grey be considered quality literature in the 21st century?

Somehow I can’t help but feel that we have Aqueous Sarin Feminism to thank for the baffling state of mind that sees that trash as quality reading material, it’s even crazier that someone thought it was a good idea to make it into a movie.

Everything is everything.


Speaking of crappy movies, Hollywood is seemingly addicted to making pointless sequels and inferior remakes, neither of which have any heart or depth whatsoever. There are some gems that pop up every once in a while but, for the most part, Hollywood is a cash-grabbing, 💩 churning factory, a reality that is not at all surprising.


We are so far from where We’re supposed to be.

One of the phenomena that make me certain that this is true is in the emptiness of Our art; the kind that is most widespread, the kind that has the most influence over the population.

Tiny pockets of honest artists in the Country is irrelevant, all that matters is the dishonest, vacuous, insulting, lifelessly uninspired and strangely arrogant art that is the mainstream.

One can say that that is simply the natural way of the world; good art is diffused and trash is concentrated all over. Problem is, Our ability to access good art in this day and age is unprecedented but there’s an actual effort to keep honest art from the mainstream.octaviaebutler_kindred

We all see it, we just don’t notice it anymore, We’re numb to it, this lack of honesty in Our art.

It could be that it’s more costly/less profitable for the Ones With Power to move towards its saturation.ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a
I don’t know.
All I know is that Our evolution as a People is stymied immeasurably because of this unthinking dishonesty.

Not just in a moral sense (which could be argued for or against, it all depends on what you consider dishonesty, what the potential effects and implications of this dishonesty are and how susceptible one believes We are, in the current times, to societal influences and suggestion) but in a creative sense, an intellectual sense.

I don’t know how it works but reading honest and vulnerable fiction makes you smarter in ways that IQ tests haven’t been made for yet.

Honesty and vulnerability go hand in hand in all aspects of life besides just Art.
It goes to explain why so many aspects of Our daily lives look the way they do (hollow, fake, phony and afraid).

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

We deprive Ourselves of the “smartness” [used as wisdom not pain] that this exposure gives us.
And the effects of this are big effing deals, even if people don’t notice it.
The only reason they don’t know it is because they don’t know the natural and intended alternative, they have no basis for comparison.ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a


IMO, if there is any presence of cliche. in the truest sense of the word, in your art, you have failed in making art.

This is nowhere more true than Writing.

If you’re not creating the new and rely on the endlessly repeated aspects of the old and on empty flash, then you’re not making art, you’re making a mockery, a distraction, a brainwash, an insult.


All of Hollywood is Kitsch.
The most commercially successful games, except for a few (hats off to the Witcher series) are PURE Kitsch.

These superhero movies need to come to a halt too.
They are poised to destroy the entire cinema industry IMO.

I already spoke about the black music industry which, in truth, is really just a fallacy. There is no black music industry, just music that black people are told to produce and enjoy.

Anyway, the cancerous traits of the black music industry; the exaltation of the meaningless and vapid, the promotion of ideas and behaviors that only serve to wreck the minds of the young, have now spread to most areas of the entire commercial music industry, the area that Our Young are exposed to the most.

The only people that can stop this erosion are black Americans; abandon the destructive aspects of our society and everyone will follow us.

We’re trendsetters, either through nature or happenstance.

It’s just a fact.

Black Americans can save Our Country, an opportunity provided for them by Karma herself, they just need to wake up from the illusion cast by the Enemy.

But is it possible?
When even our best and brightest are advocating behavior that calculatedly avoids all of our Real problems and the rest seem to take pride in valuing stupidity and obvious self destruction, it takes a special kind of optimism to still have hope.

Side note:
The encapsulation of America’s spirit in one musician was Michael Jackson, in a musical genre it is Country.

Side, side note (or is it side note, note?):
I heard somewhere that Lucifer was a musician without peer in the Kingdom of Heaven. I’m not sure if I have Faith in that notion but the idea of this intrigues me to no end for so many different reasons.

There is no doubt that there is a magical nature inherent to all forms of good music. I don’t give a hoot what anyone says.

You could be atheist, agnostic or whatever, it doesn’t matter.

I’ll acknowledge the undeniable flavor of crazy baked into the preceding statement, moving on….

Now look at an industry as “simple” as gaming.
Activision has a monopoly on console first person shooters, hence, the “quality” (measured as complexity of design with comparison to precedents set in earlier years while taking into account advancements in technological capabilities) of first person shooters has declined. That reduction in quality is manifest in a simplistic experience that doesn’t require or make use of players’ critical thinking skills both in single player and multiplayer scenarios.

The problem is, like history, there are not enough players taking part that are actually old enough to assess that difference in quality and, because knowledge is diffused, this vacuous design is ignorantly accepted by the populace and is thus slowly becoming the standard in gaming as all other developers are discouraged from trying anything new.
But no one sees that this standard is designed to benefit a few at the detriment of the consumer.
It’s hopeless.

I remember when reading a strict and unforgiving review for a videogame was normal.

But now the reviews by regular people are more harsh and objective than the majority of major gaming “journals”, sites that at one time were reliable and strict are now rife with charlatans.

Polygon gave Advanced Warfare a 9.
Out of 10.

To all the gamers out there let that sink in.
They said Advanced Warfare was close to perfection.

It’s sad that this stuff has to be taken seriously.

<rant complete>

Back to multiculturalism.

As someone belonging to a “foreign and traditional” culture I do feel that there are certain aspects of other cultures that offer alternatives that are, for lack of a better word, superior. However, those aspects are nowhere close to being assimilated by Americans.

For example, I’m fairly certain that my wife and I will be using a tweaked version of Indian Bio-data resumes while seeking to marry off our children. It’s ironic that a custom so antiquated and ancient as arranged marriages is as viable an option as it has ever been.

The world is just so  crazy, decent and well adjusted people from respectable families are rarities.
More than one might think.

The West has been bamboozled into pursuing multiculturalism in a blinded manner, with no filter, general standard or judgement, out of some warped sense of altruism and kindness

It’s like having the option between three houses:

The first house isn’t perfect and is a little damaged but it’s foundations and material are perfect.

The second house is damaged as well in other departments of its infrastructure but its foundation is in terrible shape, it will soon collapse.

The third house has the least amount of damage of all three but has no foundation. Once people begin to move around inside, the whole place will collapse.

Our desire for multiculturalism is like taking the first house, destroying bits and pieces of Its foundation, replacing those removed bits with the foundation of the second home and adopting the physical appearance of the third home and claiming this is how The United States is supposed to be.

Says who?
What is your goal?
What will be the net effect of this?
What research or data do you have supporting this idea?

Privilege and unappreciated prosperity breed naivetyariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a

A foreign invader coming into your town, raping and pillaging, is literally unthinkable amongst the general populace of the free world.

Personal freedom and liberty, no matter how imperfect, has given rise to a standard of living and human decency that is *almost* perfect, it is so near perfect that it has blessed us with the freedom to focus on the greater problems of a dynamic world filled with people that have different histories and advantages and shortcomings.

The problem is that all the perceptions about the ills of society are being twisted into necessitating a very specific solution, the effect of this solution tears down all the foundations that gave us Freedom and Liberty in the first place.ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a

But no one sees it, or rather they dismiss the inevitable (and assuredly miscalculated on their part) effect as being irrelevant when compared to the justice that is said to be the intention behind their crusade, simply because everyone believes in the initial misperception.

....while Europe continues to be used as target practice by psychopaths wielding the perfect camouflage....
….while Europe continues to be used as target practice by indoctrinated psychopaths with the perfect camouflage….

Another example illustrating that lies, told for whatever reason, always yield negative results.

click me, comrade

When you give away your Right to Freedom, irrespective of the honorable reasons that went with it, do not be surprised when you find yourself in chains.

Words are just words, anybody can use them, what’s more, anybody can use anybody else to use words for them.
Words are nothing.
Even lesser than 🐂💩.

What matters are the effects of people’s actions, at least when determining said person’s intentions or capabilities.

For some reason, whether it’s due to fear of being judged or some other cowardly emotion we’ve become trained to not talk about, people don’t want to be held accountable or responsible so they give the mantle of that responsibility to government who naturally take advantage as the cowardly people aren’t holding them accountable anyway.

There’s nothing more dangerous than taking someone at their word and ignoring the effects of their actions.

It’s not that it’s a certainty that they’re lying, but in politics there’s too much on the line to take that chance.
The higher their position, the less you take them at their word.

This is only common sense stuff stemming from a basic desire to live.
Common sense and self preservation.

The other side to this is that Our perceptions of the horrors and suffering of the outside world is very filtered, so that Our caution and wariness is blunted.

Capitalism has given us freedom and liberty from the horrors and suffering of human nature, with respect to the extents that the rest of the world experiences, so much so that we take Our relative safety for granted. Instead of remaining vigilant against the endless ways in which we can fall under tyranny, oppression and misery, we are obsessed with ideas and crusades that are said to aid in the freedom and liberty of others.

If we truly understood the nature of Evil in the world from receiving information on the world’s horrors rather than celebrity gossip distributed by filtered mainstream news media, perhaps We as a People would take Our safety, wellbeing and Future more seriously and would worry less about hurting the feelings of countries that don’t give a 💩. trump-nugget

The danger is real and relentless.
The enemies are real and relentless.
Just because you don’t have the necessary faculties to detect them doesn’t mean that they are not there.
No one’s trying to be friends, even though that’s what we’re all being told.

Screenshot 2016-05-18 23.42.02
A Conflict of Visions

The idea that We are only invincible or impenetrable if We are steadfast in ensuring that we remain so, does not even enter into Our thought process. Neither does the possibility that even one of the endless pathways through which tyranny and misery can destroy Our Country, may share its foundations and means of entry with the very crusades that are said to be intended to help others.

Our comfort has made us stupid, arrogant and naive.

Why have these trends been accepted by the general populace?
Nobody knows.
But for some reason everyone agrees with it, even those in which its negative impact is most obvious.

What is it with white people nowadays?

Instead of standing up, they’ve fallen into a lie just like blacks; accepting everything without questioning, rarely showing any interest in the knowledge that Our nation became great because of its own inherent nature at point of inception, not because of an acceptance and assimilation of everything else.

If white people don’t cut the crap and start trying to save this Country, no one will be able to speak for them and Our Country will be lost forever. Whole generations will be born without even an inkling as to what the United States was, and what It stood for.

We’re gonna have a wasteland devoid of any wildlife except for chickens, cows and pigs, Our main sources of revenue will be Hollywood and porn which will inevitably fuse together and publicly announce themselves as one industry (as they always have been tinhat).

Children are going to be having children at the age of 13 and marriage is going to be a rarity.screenshot-2016-10-02-21-49-45

No one is going to know any different because the dignity, rarity, importance and greatness of Our past will be lost in the present, the future generations will be born into that lie, that void; completely unawares as to the abomination their once Great Country has become.

Wake up, white people.
Cut the shit.

The irony is that no single white person can say what needs to be said in order to save Our Country without being dismissed as a racist, no matter how much Truth is in what they’re saying.

If I didn’t know better I’d think that this is the Real Karma from slavery.

In a manner eluding the best fiction writers, the reaping of what We sowed years ago is occurring now, lending great aid in destroying the Land so many sacrificed to build.

And few are able to perceive It’s workings.

No movement to take back Our Country is going to have enough power to change the tide if you clowns don’t cut the crap, find your balls and move towards that cause.

What are you guys afraid of?

Being called a racist?

I’ve called white people racists just because they looked at me wrong.

Shooting your entire race in the foot isn’t going to change that.

For all Our sakes, just stop it.

Don’t worry about being called a racist……….

and within reason.

Like I said before, pride in America is not genetically based, it’s culturally based.
There should be no white guilt associated with feeling pride for Our Country.

Our ways are the best and that’s that, if you disagree go back to wherever it is that you came from; if you want to join the club you have to do it on Our terms.

This is why I say Genetic Supremacy Racism is nonsense, every race is equally stupid.

In other words,ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a everyone has the potential to be equally worthless.

They are all equally remarkable marksmen when it comes to shooting their own feet from the most impressive and baffling angles.

This makes us very easy prey for deception and manipulation, all one needs is money.

It sounds obvious but that’s all you need; you don’t need to outwit and deceive higher levels of the organism, the body will agree to whatever it is as long as they hear it enough times, they’re all too busy watching porn on their cell phones anyway.

Bringing total rant back into focus……

What is the likelihood that an immigrant that was granted swift citizenship is going to be educated on domestic issues to the degree necessary to be a responsible voting American?

Very low I’d say.
At best, they will be voting for legislation that will benefit their people, not ones which benefit Americans.

At worst, they will be a whole section of a voting body easily manipulated by Entities that introduce themselves as their allies and are, indeed, the ones that granted them citizenship to begin with.

It’s just a fact.

And you can bet that any politician that is for the rapid pace of immigrant citizenship is up to no good, as the only reason for such a desire would be the inevitable number of votes that it comes with.

All the net effect on Our Country from such a rapid increase in individuals of varying ages into Our Citizenry is otherwise negative, thanks to all the government aid programs.

It’s just a fact.

Back to white people.

Why are you agreeing to legislation that removes Our Right to protect Ourselves from those that mean Us harm?

My heart goes out to all victims of gun violence but it is not the availability of guns that is the Real Cause of the violence.

What I mean is, same basic idea as the black American section, that limiting firearms will not reduce the incidence of violence; similar to how the removal of knives and other durable cutlery from penitentiaries has an effect that is relatively negligible.

The Real Cause is not being addressed, just one of its many outlets is.
Anybody can tell you that treating a symptom is not the same as treating a disease but our systemic action suggests that we are ignorant to this fact of Nature.

The other side of the fact, which is what makes such legislation particularly damning, is that there are things that We can do, goals that We can dedicate Ourselves to that will reduce the incidence of violence that have nothing to do with limiting people’s rights towards firearms.

We are passionate about a solution that doesn’t truly address the cause and so thus, is really just a spark for a volatile and divisive conflict dressed as a well meaning solution, what’s more is that any solutions that can truly address the cause, we pay no mind to.

Another Aqueous Sarin Conundrum.


<paranoid tangent initiated>

Additionally, similar to drug laws, gun legislation will serve to turn normally law abiding citizens into criminals.

Once the ban on civilian firearms comes to fruition (which it must, if the logic behind the piecemeal legislation is to be believed; unfortunately but ultimately, as long as guns are available to the populace, psychos will find ways to get their hands on them, after all, the great majority of perpetrators who committed these mass murders that triggered the notion for gun reform attained their weaponry legally and through the correct channels, and since the amelioration of gun violence is the supposed motive behind gun control it is only logical that a total ban is inevitable), the sale of black market weapons will skyrocket.

It’s just a fact.

Hard working, law abiding citizens who feel that they have a God given Right to protect their family will undoubtedly utilize these black market weapon dealers, making them criminals.

Naturally, a division of Our law enforcement will be established dedicated to the pursuit of black market weapons amongst the citizens, a department whose mere existence is a complete farce (just like the DEA).

Instead of setting up the officers to perform useful duties they will be paid to trample on the Rights given to Us at Our founding.

Inevitably due to the nature of the new crime, police will now have the ability to enter and search anyone’s home at any time for any reason.

And since the seizure of the firearms of law abiding citizens was never intended to stop violence as a whole, it ensures the now inevitability of another form of violence coming to the fore.WP_20140523_004

How this blight of New Violence is to be stopped will simply be a matter of mere suggestion by the powers that be.

But what will be undeniable and unavoidable is that the precedent set by gun reform will allow them to seize from the citizens whatever property of theirs that they deem as the Source of the New Violence.

Though the inevitable tyranny will be obvious for all to see at that point, it will ultimately be too late.

It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s simple deductive reasoning with a light garnish of paranoia.

There is no way that these things won’t happen if firearms are banned.
Cause and effect.
One thing necessitates the other.

It’s just a fact.

Everything they tell Us is 🐂💩.


<career destroying tangent closed>

needless sexualization everywhere. look up kids!

The solution We ignore is taking care of Our Children; whether it’s analyzing the function of marriage, examining the Real Effect of divorce, making the quality of Our education systems Our number one priority, unilaterally removing any and all entities and influences in Our culture and society that will lead them astray, we must keep Our Future safe from behaviors that affect them negatively as best We can.

While I truly believe that any politician who is pro-gun removal has an agenda that is truly hidden and naturally nefarious, I don’t doubt that there are well meaning citizens that are proponents of gun control that truly believe in the idea that the number one reason for gun violence is the accessibility of fire arms.

But that belief is based on a lie, and as I said earlier, a lie is a lie; no matter your intention the effect is always going to be on net negative.

Why do you guys accept and go along with everything?

Bruce Jenner turned himself into a woman and he was hailed as a hero.

Who says?
The media?

Why is this 💩 seen as acceptable?
Has it been deemed as normal?
Or has it been deemed as not normal but natural?IMG_1809

Or is it actually the reverse?

Why don’t any of you stand up and question?

Afraid of being called a homophobe?
I’ve heard that accusation being thrown around in regard to this issue and as usual I’m left baffled by people’s willingness to demonize others just so they can appear politically correct even if the logic in what they’re saying isn’t politically correct or even sensible.

What does sexual orientation have to do with placing Jenner in the appropriate categorization of Victim?

At least when Chaz Bono switched she did it out of an inherent attraction to women.

This guy said with his own lips that he’s not attracted to men so what gives?

We just accept the manner in which he is being presented because We’re too cowardly to ask him the hard questions?
The ones that count?

Traumatic childhood experiences?
Nature of relationship with parents?

We allow Our society to become twisted, ravaged and lost in a lie because Our People have become too timid and ashamed to ask the questions that will reveal the lie’s True nature.

Everyone is full of 💩 for all the right reasons.
But the adoption of lies always leads to results that are on net negative.

There are examples of these things hidden all throughout our daily lives; behaviors that are accepted to be the norm simply because everyone refuses to tell (or acknowledge) the Truth.

My friend and their significant other have become shells of whom they once were because they both agreed to engage in behavior that neither of them truly wanted anything to do with, they just believed that they were agreeing to something that the other secretly wanted and now they’re wrecks.

And their children, Our Future, are the ones paying for it.

God forbid that these kids grow up and decide one day to shoot up their school.

Are We, a society, being honest if we said that it’s the existence of guns that caused the resultant deaths?

You may see this couple on the street and just call them crazy but not realize that it was a lie told for all the right reasons that made them the decrepit zombies that lay before you.

This is the unavoidable nature of all lies.

A sophist would argue that my example is flawed but I’m not saying everyone is like this, I’m simply illustrating how a lie for whatever reason, merely between two people, can lead to disaster in ways that become more deadly and do irreparable damage as time goes on.

Society is made up of individuals and individuals are forged by their experiences, whether they are revealed to the public or gone unnoticed.

Their effect is inevitable.

Lies adopted by whole societies do exponentially more damage and destroy countless people, as I’ve been doing my best to illustrate since the beginning of my long winded, and assuredly self destructive, rant.

But seriously though, back to Jenner, what makes him a hero?
Because there are millions of people that suffer the same affliction as he?

Fair enough, but why is that affliction embraced as an altruistic quality rather than a symptom of trauma? At what point were we given proof that his behavior isn’t the result of trauma but instead is just a natural behavior that some humans are born with by design?

It has become normal without any proof being given explaining its arbitrary designation. What’s more is that anyone that questions this designation is demonized and the masses go along with it even though it’s merely a matter of common sense and deductive reasoning.

Everyone is full of 💩 for all the right reasons.

If Jenner was jennerating awareness towards the trauma he endured and the nature of its manifestation in his adult life then I would buy the hero talk.

But this?

Proof of easy mode indoctrination of the masses.
Pure and simple.

Even if I didn’t think there was something inherently Evil in what he did, my eyebrows would still be raised at how quickly everyone supported it without question (or failed to question it publicly).

It was just chilling.

That being said, I do believe that there is a debilitating flaw in Our society regarding a lack of intellect; We do not value facts and knowledge.

What We don’t realize is that due to this, all the Enemy needs to do is to pump viewpoints, ideas and “statistics” that promote what they desire and simply suppress everything else.


[There are many climate scientists who do not agree with the theory of man made climate change but you would never have guessed that judging from the viewpoints of the scientists that are given exposure through the media. If the issue is science and science is about Facts, why aren’t we given both sides of the argument?]

To the lazy layman this reality may be inconsequential but for the Enemy this inconsequentiality translates to Real Effing Power and it makes their motives very simple to trace and identify if you’re brave enough to truly look.

It’s shockingly and criminally under appreciated the ease at which they can do this.
One can see this in

The video game industry (dated)

IMG_0296*song is apropos for several reasons

Bungie’s release of Destiny was the most ballsy display of greed, deception and manipulation probably ever to hit My Precious Video Game Industry and you’ll never hear any of the major gaming journals give it the ridicule and contempt that it deserves.

Just like politics, the organizations that spread the information and determine issue relevancy are all full of 💩.

Make no mistake.

I would talk about Call of Duty but the decrepit state of that series is the fault of the community.

Destiny is unique in that it had the Spirit of Laziness of CoD but it was also present with the sinister desire to profit through misleading their consumers whilst depending on the “benefit of the doubt” that comes with loyalty.

Not only did they remove previously established content while failing to reduce the cost to a price that reflected the lessened content, they are selling that removed content for real money some months later.

And it would be different if Vanilla Destiny felt like a solid and well meaning title from the beginning.

But it didn’t.

It felt exactly like what it would feel like if what Bungie is being accused of was True; removing meaningful and worthwhile content from the original game in order to sell those bits and pieces later at a ridiculous price.

Any price is ridiculous when you consider the fact that all the content being sold now was originally part of the Vanilla game and thus, FREE.

I don’t want to waste too much time talking about it as I know most people don’t give a hoot about the manipulation of the masses when it comes to video games but if you are among the few that do, I implore you to visit the YouTube page of BDobbinsftw he has a lot of good stuff discussed that, if one is truly interested, can be looked up.

The dots can be connected with ease thanks to the inherent nature of Facts.

In short, the game felt underwhelming and lackluster.

The confounding thing, however, is that the game is financially successful.

Despite the Truth behind the game’s production, the public at large can’t be bothered to demand answers from the people they’re giving their money to.

The majority of the video gaming public does not have the necessary level of common sense (or general interest) to grasp the fact that Bungie’s mere behavior is proof of a disregard for what’s best for their consumers as they instead went with what’s best for their wallets and utilized deceptive “bait and switch” tactics to go about it.

As far as consumer – producer relationships go, it doesn’t get more damning and toxic than that.

And yet, similar to gun control, and to crime, and to Jenner, and to welfare, and to multiculturalism, the ones that demand the Facts or draw attention to the lack thereof, are demonized and ridiculed when all that’s needed are Facts and a common sense understanding of cause and effect for all the issues to be dealt within minutes.

The Enemies rely on the fact that the majority does not have the knowledge necessary to detect their deceit and shatter the illusion.

But to those that know, the deceit, or should I say the Truth, is obvious.

The problem is that the people that don’t know, and yet provide their Deceivers with very real money, do not value the knowledge of the people that do know, they do not fact check, they do not research, they just go with the flow because it’s easiest.

The dreamworld you love🦄, hates your guts☠ (cont’d)

That is, to me, one of the most basic manifestations signifying a lack of common sense.

“Going with the flow because it’s easiest.”

This can be manifest differently in different people.


Followers, for example, are one of the possible manifestations.

Regardless, you can’t convince otherwise intelligent people that they are exhibiting a lack of common sense without coming off like a douche. ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a

This unfortunate reality makes it all the more easy for the Victim to disregard your Facts and ignore them completely, as if mere perceived insult is all that is required for a dismissal of Facts to be justified.

America is in more danger than it ever has been but if you went by the behavior and attitudes of Its citizens you would think everything is fine. It’s not that the realities of the impending disaster are not obvious, it’s that the great majority of Us lack the interest to see the obviousness of the Truth.

Our Intelligence and the self-discipline necessary to preserve Our existence is completely buried beneath the mundane interests of the zeitgeist.

I don’t want to use the term liberals because I feel saying that colors me and my ideas in a certain light so I will say People That Appear to Mean Well (PTAMW, pronounce it as a conjoining of the sissy boy from Hunger Games and the mother of all Pokemon).

There are some that believe PTAMW are simply misguided and there are those that believe that they are disingenuous liars with nothing but evil as their ultimate goal. As far as those with power go, I believe they are the latter, civilians can be either/or but are mostly the former.

*Evil’s soundtrack; be sure to read the following highlighted paragraph only after you hit the play button above.

Screenshot 2016-05-16 22.21.54

By liars I mean to say that they are not for the proletariat as they so proudly claim to be.ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a

One way that I can illustrate the hidden agenda of PTAMW (or at least the undeniable effects of things that they support), is by taking, for example, their stance on an increase in minimum wage at fast food restaurants.

It is a very subtle tell.

One “reason” why many of them are for it (the increase in the wage) is the idea that it will help the common man with combating the out of control, but seemingly inevitable, rising costs of living.

Since there is rarely any meaningful deviation in beliefs amongst PTAMW, many of them who are for an increase in wage are also for affordable housing.

The effect of the affordable housing laws was (and always has been, throughout history and in different areas of the world)

  1. a reduction in the amount of buildings being built, because the cost of building a home is the same whether it’s going to be “affordable” or not and it is simply not profitable for the firms that build them. So in their own, completely rational self interests, it’s ill advised to partake in the construction of such homes as the income generated from their usage will be reduced. I don’t believe a normal citizen has the right or ability to determine what someone else should be paid for something they produced. If people are willing to pay for it then I don’t feel it’s Our business to go and ? up another man’s “chedda”. What I’m saying is that a reduction in the amount of homes is to be expected as no rational person would tolerate being paid a fraction of the cost for a given amount of work for any considerable amount of time. No one would do it. It’s just a fact.
  2. a reduction in available work for construction workers in the area due to a reduction in homes being built. We are all in agreement that less work for Our citizens is a bad thing, right?
  3. the fact that the buildings that are inhabitable have a demand for them that greatly surpasses their supply. Because of an entry level economics phenomenon, prices go up. There’s no amount of reasonable and acceptable government intervention that can change that.

Even though the rationale behind PTAMW motives sound wonderfully heroic, the fact is that the effects of such legislation are disastrous, especially so for the people they claim to want to help.

Because you want to make homes more affordable you cause a shortage in available homes and jobs for people that need them and your intervention causes an increase in price of the few homes that are available.

I know for a fact that I’m not the only one that sees this.
It’s fine to believe in something but once the Truth within trial and error is revealed to you, continued belief is equivalent to a lie.

A lie is a lie, no matter what They may tell you the motive is, the effect of all lies is on net ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a negative.

IMG_2019 2

They are causing an increase in the cost of living as cause and effect so clearly demonstrates and at the same time pushing for an increase in pay to combat the effects that they themselves contributed greatly in creating. If the goal truly is more housing that is less expensive the first step should be to undo your mistakes that led to fewer and more expensive housing and begin from there.

It’s just common sense.

But that, of course, would lead to a lessened overall income for the cogs that facilitate the legislation of this system so instead they advocate that the public increase the amount that they pay so that the effects of their greed can be “mitigated”.

Not only that but the assumed effects, or lack thereof, of the pay increase, is never rationally discussed.ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a

A burger flipper doesn’t deserve $15 an hour, I’m sorry but they just don’t.
I don’t know how that belief even became a thing.


If McDonald’s was a “mom and pop” restaurant would people demand that they pay their employees 15 an hour?IMG_1491
What do you think?
I don’t think so personally.

So why does McDonald’s need to pay?
Because of their success?

That may be a legit reason but then there has to be unanimous agreement amongst the idea’s proponents. Any other reason is unavoidably 🐴💩 as no proponent would insist on having “mom and pop’s” pay their employees 15 an hour since, as we all know, PTAMW are for the people.

That was hard to put into words so here, I hope this helps:

As I said earlier, the central theme and basic rationale behind the crusade against McDonald’s is to combat the increasing costs of living. Problem is, everyone feels the increasing costs of living but not everyone works at McDonald’s so the fact that PTAMW are singling them (Mickey D’s) out reveals a flaw in their logic and that’s why I say it’s 🐴💩.

The idea of them paying more because of their success works as it explains why McDonald’s is being singled out in the crusade but I don’t think PTAMW would make that their official reason as it makes them sound like a bunch of vindictive, entitled haters.


The “reasoning and rationale” behind the crusade against fast food restaurants is an example of what I’m talking about; the public is not interested in actually discovering the causal factors behind the issues that pain them so.
The cost of living is too high so in order to combat that, wages must be increased.

A caused B but we utilize (x), an arbitrary free radical, to counteract B instead of nullifying A, simply because no one knows A exists.

Why have the costs of living increased?

Inflation is a big reason.

I knew bad times were ahead when this suddenly shot passed 25 cents without warning.

What are the main causes for inflation and who, or what entity, is responsible for that?ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a

Nobody knows.
But everyone has an opinion about the societal impacts of the phenomenon and, of course, it’s solution.

Don’t have a firm understanding of the consequential issues?
How would you know if your efforts aren’t exacerbating the functional cause of your distress?

If all you depend on for information on the state of things are the words of people who have every reason to misrepresent them as to their benefit, you’re going to be deceived.

People see government, in its current form, as an entity of Good but all it does is just make things worse so that their presence and intervention is seen as a necessity (a self righteous Munchauser by proxy syndrome, if you will, perhaps it is unintentionalariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a). But unless you actually know the history of the problem you will never know that the people that you are begging to provide you a solution are the ones who engineered the problem in the first place.

What makes it worse is that most never even entertain the idea that the people in power would mislead them for their own benefit so we rely on them to give explanation to the problem, an explanation which always shifts the fault to someone or something other than themselves; sophistically.

We the People are lacking common sense.

If you don’t know the facts then you’re unable to discern whether or not you’re being deceived by someone who appears to mean well.


Screenshot 2016-05-19 00.23.16

I haven’t donned my cap because I’m not giving theories, I’m just stating common sense; at least I think I am.

If I’m an asshole and I’m aware of the extent of your ignorance it is quite easy for me to use that flaw to my advantage. The most difficult step in reaching my goals and fulfilling my agenda is making sure that I don’t come off like an asshole to the public, as long as I don’t do anything overtly villainous and have top tier speechwriters, I will be everyone’s golden boy for as long as I wish.

It’s just a fact.
No one looks at the results they just listen to my wordplay.

(It’s the single greatest reason for Obama’s acquisition and retention of power. IMO)


It always scares me how the people belonging to the mainstream PTAMW actually *look* like what one would imagine the very people in this world that had the kind of knowledge that PTAMW behave as if they have would look like. The only difference is that mainstream media doesn’t have the knowledge that their motives imply that they have. They’re imposters that look perfect for the part but really are the polar opposite of what is needed from people in their position of influence.

Is this just entropy?
Nuanced problems that are deceptively yet overwhelmingly dangerous, but only occur simply because there is the potential for it?

Or is there a shadowy and malevolent social engineer?
Manipulating us by exploiting the weaknesses we are too ashamed to admit even exist.


Back to the minimum wage.
One of the few saving graces of low wages is that the desire for higher wages will push the worker to expand his skill set to areas that pay more, thus turning their ambition into an asset for Our economy and society.

When you pay people a lot of money for doing jack ?, the ambition to better oneself lessens and they flounder.
It’s simply a matter of common sense.

I mean, have the disastrous effects of welfare on black communities taught us nothing?

No one is going to take on extra responsibility when they’re already making close to the amount of money that the extra responsibility comes with.

Are we really going to pretend that this simple fact of life is elusive to us?

And what happens when Our workforce becomes complacent?

Total level of intellect reduces.

But more importantly,
American Society suffers.

It’s just a fact.

That’s right, these causes for “social justice” are intended to do only one thing by their architects, and that is to destroy America from the bottom up.

The efforts are ultimately designed to cease America’s greatness, leave the race issues alone for a second and think about it.

Either you’re loyal to America or you’re loyal to the arbitrary and ever changing ideals of your race conceptualized by anyone who happens to be holding the mic.


And no one stands up to these harebrained schemes because it’s easier, and now very flattering, to go with the flow. Regardless of how the Villains frame their schemes there’s only one thing We the People care about, the Effects. ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a

Does the historical evidence reveal to us that the effect is positive or negative?
If it reveals itself to be negative then common sense should take the wheel and steer us away from the cliff. But instead we continue onwards as if there is anything on this road besides self destruction because we don’t want to be labeled a bigot or Uncle Tom.

Why don’t we question Our practices at the most basic levels?
Why do we accept the assumptions that they come boxed with?th-4

I can understand how regular people fall for rhetoric and lies on a seemingly never ending basis. But what about the officials who come up with these schemes?
They have the resources to fact check, probably have an assistant look up the history books.

So why have the Facts eluded them?

Since seemingly forever, most black politicians have supported the minimum wage law as an aid towards black employment and economic success.
Problem is the minimum wage law has only hurt black people because it discriminates against low skilled labor, the area by which many people of color begin their road to economic stability.

Black Americans would be relying on this rung heavily in order to begin practicing proper work and spending habits but are pushed out because of a minimum wage.IMG_1724

Think of it like this, if you’re a business owner and people are looking for menial work to get their foot in door it is unlikely that you’ll hire them at a rate dictated by government as the work that you intend on having them perform isn’t worth that for you, third parties dictating the amount you must pay your workers have no knowledge of how you want to pay your workers based on your preferences as an individual and the nature of your business.

That fact alone makes the idea complete ?? and an insulting overreach.

But if you can hire them at a rate of your choosing they can get a job, grow the skills and eventually get the experience to attain the next step. This is how blacks climbed the ladder prior to the institution of this deceitful law. But now since the hiring of unskilled labor has been made undesirable as it now comes with a standard pay that is dictated by those motivated by symbolism and not Facts, total employment of black Americans has lessened and it has been at a constant decline since the law’s inception.

The True Effect.

And make no mistake, this minimum wage increase will only result in more unemployment; money doesn’t come from nowhere; if companies are forced to pay their workers more for the same level of productivity they’re just going to hire less workers.

It’s common sense (opinion).


The other ugly Truth of this historically racist law is that it took from blacks the greatest asset they had which was the ability to undercut their preferred white counterparts in the job market. Prior to the inception of this con scheme of a law, the rate of unemployment of blacks was a fraction of what it is now.


If a black guy and a white guy applied for the same entry level job, the employer had a choice, hire the applicant of the preferred race or hire the undesirable while attaining the ability to pay them less than their white counterpart.
In other words, you hire the black bastard and you make a profit.

It sounds messed up but this is how black workers made connections and got experience and since racism has always been based on assumptions and fallacies it would only be a matter of time until that black worker moved up the ladder and made an income that his experience and reputation made inevitable.nugbag

Once the minimum wage law was established this advantage was removed from the arsenal of black applicants and they were now at the mercy of the white employer’s heart. Naturally the unemployment level of blacks after the inception of this law skyrocketed.
As was intended.

Minimum wage laws are, and always have been (as illustrated throughout the world), racist laws.

People are hypnotized by the words attached to the legislation and can’t be bothered to examine the effects or its history.

A friend of mine was in a dilemma brought about by this. He was a manager at a sneaker retail store and I remember him telling me about how he hired people that he knew personally but there were no hours for them to work; two days out of the week at four hours a day was a normal thing.

Because there were no hours for them to work, they just sat around at home doing nothing, not gaining the experience necessary for them to be marketable and move on to bigger and better things and of course, not making any money either.

pathetic, bizarre and tasteless sexualization, courtesy of our fraudulent news media

All this while they were “employed”.

If the minimum wage law didn’t exist my friend would be able to schedule them based on the amount of time required for his employees to get the experience they wanted rather than the amount of money allocated to them based on the limitations set by the minimum wage.

Sounds like slavery, but at the end of the day they’re not making any money with the minimum wage in place and not getting any usable experience either.

How many of us have worked entry level jobs as youngsters and have heard the phrase “no hours”, what that ultimately means is that your employer can’t afford to have you work at the hourly pay they are forced to pay you.

At least when the sophistically beneficial ploy is removed the employees have an opportunity to get experience while they’re broke, as it is now their only option is to be broke and not get any worthwhile experience either.

But because Our current reality is a lie,ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a we’re completely cutoff from the possibilities of the alternative; people don’t even entertain it as a reasonable option.

Absolute Hypnosis.

What was the world like before the minimum wage law was enacted?
Was it better for young and colored workers?
Does it even matter to voters?

Or is upload complete?
Has Our indoctrination into only valuing issues We are told to value already taken hold?

What makes Our ignorance of the minimum wage law even more baffling is that in other places of the world, minimum wage laws have been utilized with the expressed intention of restricting the growth of those at the bottom.

So in light of the True Effects of minimum wage in Our Country and the understood net effect and purpose of similar laws in other countries, how does this thing still exist?

Because We’re blindly devoted to destroying Our Country with intellectual laziness.

It’s all a subtle trick, fool people into believing that the government has the right to dictate how a business pays its willing employees, it doesn’t matter what the reasoning or heroics are behind it, once that precedent is set it will only be harder for the few people that are still paying attention to stop them when they start trampling on our more obvious, more personal, but just as inalienable, Rights.

Years ago I had an unstoppable sense of confidence that bordered on delusional arrogance, I believe that this unstoppable confidence is what helped me snag my wife, unfortunately this confidence was based on a false knowledge, through believing things to be true that were in fact false and vice versa.ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a

The irony is that now that I am privy to a fraction of the overall number of Truths of this world that are simply being dismissed from the public’s realms of possibility, I’m more humble (at least with respect to my past haughtiness) than I ever thought possible because I know far too well how efficiently they’re hidden.

Or is it I know how efficiently we’ve been taught not to see them?

This pope came to New York and everyone went crazy despite the fact that he represents an organization that is in the practice of committing acts of pedophilia and covering it up.

I don’t get it.

When you think of the catholic church what pops into your head?
With me, it’s the word pedophile.

They might not be all pedophiles but I won’t respect the organization until I hear that their anointed criminals serve jail time on a regular basis.

Just another sign proving that we ultimately don’t give a crap about the Future.

As far as the Pope goes, all he does is talk and that’s meaningless to me, especially when your organization has a long track record of violating children and then covering it up.

Naturally his time here was uneventful; full of empty comments, partisan trolling, vacuous advice and cheers all around. I wasn’t surprised because he’s just a symbol, nothing more; a symbol to keep people distracted from the reality that the catholic church of man is merely an organization that has been touching kids for centuries.screenshot-2016-10-02-21-58-33

It’s just a fact.

Yet people burst into tears upon seeing the fucking guy.
It’s a sad, horrifying joke.


On a somewhat unrelated note, I believe there is a relationship between level of earned income and “smarts”, meaning having more knowledge of more things that have a consequential effect on society.

When I was broke my most frequent concern was “how was I going to find a job?”, now that I have more money and marketability my most frequent concern is “is my family really safe here?”

This constant source of anxiety prompts me to get informed about the state of things as a country, which leads into a pursuit of knowledge on global issues, which leads into a pursuit of historical knowledge, etc.

I’m only at the most basic of levels when it comes to gaining consequential knowledge and am by no means anything special but the fact is someone who has duty and responsibility is going to be equipped with more relevant and consequential knowledge about the greater world around them, generally speaking, regardless of how the mainstream media depicts said people.

I’m still not exactly sure why this is.
The accrual of more money does free up one’s mind to start pondering on abstractions; on the other hand, “more money, more problems”, with the stress from these newfound problems prompting the former ignoramus to go seek out knowledge in order to deal with them.

Someone who has no ambition or skills or sense of responsibility thanks to the nature of the Welfare State is not even going to have any understanding of the issues necessary to be considered a valued member of the voting public, many aren’t even aware that the issues exist.

Am I exaggerating?

Wouldn’t people like this be very easily swayed by empty rhetoric and false promises?ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a

After all, it’s not like they are going to be paying attention when the hour of comeuppance is at hand, the point when the passage of time has verified whether the rhetoric was based in reality or was merely an arbitrary construction based on nothing.

It comes and lingers in plain sight, carrying the Facts manifest by it’s existence but remains ignored, like the proud peacock nobody gives a ? about.

What I’m saying is that there should be requirements that must be met in order to vote.

If you haven’t been fortunate enough or haven’t had the desire to empower yourself with knowledge of the world around you, I don’t believe you should be a participant in making decisions that affect it.

It’s simply a matter of common sense and self preservation.

Anyone else that has the knowledge, regardless of income, should vote. But if you’re just willingly ignorant and vote merely based on whether or not it sounds pretty then no.

I do not think it’s responsible for you to take part in the decision making process when you have no usable or relevant knowledge.trump-nugget

How would the standards be made?
I would love to have that discussion and see a standard actually established.
Shit, I might not even make the cutoff.

But things as they are now with bodies full of nothing being treated as if their anti-knowledge is valuable and must be put to use in the voting process simply will not do.
It’s counterproductive.Screenshot 2016-05-19 00.49.44

But most importantly, it’s dangerous.
For everyone.

It’s just a fact.

Anyone that says otherwise is a liar or a fool.

I’m here lecturing on intelligence like I’m the expert.

What is intelligence?
How do you define intelligence?
How do you know how to define intelligence?

IMO, the people we give authority to determine it’s definition will define it in a way that flatters them.

Trying to determine the standard of “intelligence” is impossible by design. We only exist in our own subjective perception of the world, I cannot imagine what it feels like to have someone else’s brain and reasoning. So having a definition that is very limited and, as a standard, is only legitimized through the affluence of the architect, is not taking the whole world into account.

Which it must.

Which is why it’s impossible as long as pride exists in the human race.

It’s like trying to explain the taste of something you’ve never eaten before all the while speaking with authority as you do so.

What we imagine when we say Intelligence is forever lost to us because of the way in which we define It.
In regard to the genetic link in IQ, I believe it.
I believe that there is a genetic link in “intelligence” as the methods of present-day man measures it, that puts blacks at the bottom, whites in the middle and asians at the top and it doesn’t bother me in the least bit.

It’s an invaluable statistic that gives us hints as to what we’re doing wrong and what must be changed.

People have been interpreting the facts with a false premise that can be tested. What is implicit in all of this is that the most desirable human characteristic when put towards creating a sustainable, just and peaceful society is “intelligence”.

I’m not saying we should cede our world over to morons with hearts of gold either.

I value intelligence, I just don’t think it’s the end all be all. It’s just one of the many traits in the spectrum of abilities that must be present in a just and peaceful world.

Intelligence is just one of the rings necessary to make Captain Planet.
It is not the One Ring.
It’s one out of the five equally important rings that combine to do wonders.

Race is nothing.


The rhetoric of the left is True, it’s just that it can only be proven so in an environment that is anathema to them.

An unrestricted free market would show us what characteristics are the most valuable and which ones are the danger.

People need to get over genetic differences in “intelligence”, it’s not as damning as it appears to be, there are so many other things that are necessary to lead a productive and peaceful life that if we spend our time getting butthurt over “Asians are smarter” we’re going to miss a lot.

I consider myself of average intelligence (I prefer the term “intelligently average”), though I am black as pitch so this whole conversation may be the equivalent of a Basset Hound talking to a world of Border Collies (I don’t think it is though). In my experience intelligence can be a cheat code at times but at others, if you’re not humble and tempered with it, it’s inherently designed to bite you in the ass.

Could just be me.
I feel there are other qualities that must be present, in varying levels within different individuals, in order to safeguard the individual in question (and by extension, whole societies) from the negative repercussions of lone high intelligence.

I’m just saying all this to show how we’re giving genetic “intelligence” a level of importance that is way beyond what it deserves simply because there is a racial aspect to it.

So in a way maybe the researchers are “racist”.

Asians are smarter?
Ok? So what?

There are no Asian nations running things, and if they are it’s because the west is constantly shooting themselves in the foot economically not because of some inherent intellectual superiority within Asian nations.ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a

For centuries, the west (white people) ran things in the world legitimately, Asians had higher IQs back then too so what gives?

IQ being dominant in your race has nothing to do with your probability of attaining power and wielding it justly or whatever the implicit assumptions we have about the role of genetic intelligence that is making everyone uncomfortable.

What I’m saying is the world and its people are way too dynamic for intelligence to be deemed the supreme human character trait in a free market.

If the market was free, I predict that the lone genetic potential of intelligence, taken by itself, within an individual, will be less than meaningless.

Race is nothing.

Spoiler Inside: My interpretation of the value in the free market of ideas... SelectShow

Good & Evil


Do people even believe in good and evil anymore?

If you do, what exactly does evil look like?
Can it be sexual or does it only look like violence and bloodshed?img_2966

Is evil manifest in an effect or is it through a cause?
Can evil be ultimately caused through something that contains no ill will or must the cause be dastardly in nature?

nugbagA psychopath going on a bloodlusted murder spree will be acknowledged as being the result of evil by pretty much anyone.
How about fleets upon fleets of children having babies and creating new individuals within Our society while lacking any significant support systems, education or fixed standards of behavior?
Is that evil?

We all know that the results of this trend lead to nothing but devastation and misery. So Our pursuit of legislation that serve only to promulgate the misery is what?

Good or evil?
Or is it just a harmless and insignificant trend that must be protected and allowed to grow and expand in the interests of feminism and/or racial justice?

"I remained too much inside my head and ended up losing my mind."
“I remained too much inside my head and ended up losing my mind.”

I believe it is easier to be as Evil as you can be than it is to be as Good as you can be.

Chasing Goodness will inevitably bring you towards Truth but the world is so steeped in lies and untruths that being only about Truth will hurt loved ones and alienate you from general society.

So in a way, goodness is forever out of one’s reach, even in the best possible scenarios, because of fear.

Despite this, Good is natural it’s just Our external environment that makes it difficult.

Evil, in its simplest and most basic form IMO, is just the desire to be more than everyone else manifest in a fear of being less than everyone else. The fear itself can be manifest in a multitude of ways. These manifestations, the seemingly insignificant as well as the obvious, collectively mold the world that is sustained by untruths and ultimately makes living Good so elusively impossible.

Evil is cake.
When your morality and beliefs are based on anything other than Truth, one is free to do anything they just have to arrange the reasons for their actions so that they fall in accordance with their arbitrary morality; examples: porn, advertisements, food manufacturing (just the opinions of a madman) and after a few swings your conscience won’t even tingle anymore.

"A pack of cigarettes a day will keep cancer away."
“A pack of cigarettes a day will keep cancer away.”

All this can only be stopped if Facts are distributed, if no one seeks Facts then, most likely, we’re all being fooled. No reason to believe that the people in control are being honest if they’re never forced to be so.nugbag

It’s just foolish.

The Bible (whether you believe in it or not) says the Truth will set you free.

There is a line in one of my favorite songs that goes:

“Live as you like,
It’s hard to know what’s right.”

It’s only hard because the world is run off of lies because everyone’s scared of the Truth.
But once you seek it out and once you accept it, it feels like a great weight and a great sorrow is lifted from within you.
For lack of a better word, it is liberating.

My bitterness and despair used to be boundless as I believed my people to be cursed.
How could I not?
We had seemingly undergone so much progress and yet we were still suffering.
I saw the symptoms of exhaustion in my fellows as well, an unspoken surrendering to fate manifest in self destructive behavior.

But serendipity had me stumble across little things here and there that, collectively, caused me to search for knowledge and Truth, two things that are completely separate and independent from what is repeated most often in Our news media.

Once I did seek out and discover the knowledge hidden within our past, relief washed over me almost instantly. I often hear my people lament on how it feels like blacks are hated and specifically targeted endlessly.

They have no idea how True that statement is.
But it’s not by who, or in the method that they have been fooled into believing.

The Enemy is made up of human beings just like us.

The Truth in Our History is all there for you to see, they won’t bother to hide it when they know no one is going to look for It.

They can spend the resources and time necessary to erase or alter recent history, being sure to do it methodically so that it’s not suspicious and making sure that the few people that lived through the time in question (those that have a basis for comparison) do not notice the alteration and its shifting of the World into one of Illusions.

But like every other human being motivated by the Dark, they may try for awhile but will eventually feel that it is not worth the cost and just say “fuck it”.

No one’s paying attention so why the need to go all Tom Clancy?

This all sounds very tin hatty but all I’m trying to say is if something seems unbelievable to you or the world and its issues seem off to you for some reason, the Truth of Our History is laid out for Us in order to confirm or deny Our suspicions and take action, it’s simply a matter of record.

I’m sure if a politician claimed that the vast majority of blacks, prior to the inception of governmental programs, quotas, affirmative action, public assistance etc., were staunchly opposed to them, he would be declared as out of touch and insane and that would be the end of it.

However, if people sought out to truly discover the facts of the matter they would discover the claim to be true and will be forced to examine the implications of this newfound knowledge.

But no one can be bothered to look.

And that’s the flaw that gives the breath of life to the Real Miasma.
No one really giving a fuck, but acting like they do.
Using pretty words but not their brains.

Evil is very palatable.
The only people that Evil is interested in enticing are those of Good, therefore it has spent the entire length of Our existence refashioning and fine tuning itself into perfect camouflage within accordance to the sympathies and desires of those who have, through circumstance/providence of birth, escaped its grasp.


All the explanations to humanity’s afflictions are spelled out in the Bible but few people read it that are equipped with both the requisite level of Faith (read: Intelligence) as well as the modern sensibilities required to translate it to the current demographic of sheeple.

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Do it for yourself and approach it with humility and withhold judgement until you are finished. You will have more wisdom at the moment of completion than you had when you had first started.
It’s just a fact.
So why not do it?

<tangential question(s)>
To all the people that believe in Assistance Programs:
Why do you believe the amount of focus, discipline and hard work necessary to be successful in this world, regardless of race, is out of the natural ability of blacks?

Completely Separate and Unrelated Question:
If you are trying to disincentivize a certain behavior for the safety and wellbeing of the majority, what is preferable; strict punishment or lax and inconsistent ones?
Honest answer.

Final Unrelated Question:
If Affirmative Action existed for underrepresented groups in, say, the NBA; do you think that we would ever see a player at the level of current reality’s Jeremy Lin?

Be honest.

I’m genuinely curious as to people’s responses to these questions.

The conspiracy of the Real Miasma looks complicated but it’s really very simple; cause as much conflict as you can whenever there is the potential for it.

Once you ignite it, which really only requires coverage of it on major “reputable” news organizations, human weakness will do the rest, carrying it as long as possible.

Issues that can be addressed and extinguished in a matter of seconds with merely a bit of knowledge of history on the issue, rage on violently for decades.

It’s embarrassing.

So many conflicts in Our Country, no one has time to pay attention to the quivering curtain in the background.            px9hEr

As far as individuals go, We need to know all the relevant facts, understand the opposing side’s interpretation of them and begin from there.

I believe that many people are intelligent but their arguments are based on things that simply aren’t true. It’s like being a genius architect but the foundation you’re building on is shit, you’re wasting your time and your talent would be exponentially more beneficial if you just actually examined your foundation.

I, too, have been guilty of this fail and may have exhibited this disastrous laziness in this very rant.
I don’t know yet, but something tells me I will soon find out.

I have a lot more ideas about the vast levels of manipulation going on in the world, but I will spare you the more wild of them.

One of my more mild notions begins with the hard-fought acceptance that not all corrupt politicians seek to destroy the world. Some just move to do things solely for the manner in which it benefits them (psychologically or financially), the general effect of their politics may or may not be relevant to their motives, for their self interest takes precedent.

As a consideration, this notion should not be out of the realm of possibility for any thinking and cognizant American citizen because, after all, this unspoken benefit can be one or a multitude of countless possibilities in regards to a politicians motives; it gives them a flattering image, it increases the wealth of themselves or a relative, it ensures the longevity of their position of power, etc.

Innumerable possibilities.

When vetting our politicians to ensure their altruism, we should not be searching for overt and explicit signs of corruption, foolishness, weakness or Evil.

Evil in its ultimate manifestation will always be logical as long as people don’t see knowledge as relevant.ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a

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my professional chart

The only explicit way of discovering one’s true motive is if they openly say so but by the very nature of it being a secreted ulterior motive, this would not happen.
That’s why the only things We the People should be concerned about are the Effects.

Does the proposed legislation do what they say it will?

Is the historical evidence supporting or refuting this idea?

What is the net effect of this?

These things when compared to the content of their applicable rhetoric reveals the True nature of the politician.
Everything else is bullshit, it’s too easy to fake.

It’s just a fact.

If I’m a politician and I discover a way to sustain my power, popularity and/or money, I can come up with seemingly legitimate arguments as to why the steps necessary for my secretly desired end result are beneficial to all and why doing anything else is nothing less than villainy. My real motive will never be realized or spoke about by anyone.ariscb1a4acdf28496dd24c09c9ca454093a

The only way these deceits can be broken and exposed is if We vet Our politicians as if only 1 out of 1000 of them are actually telling the Truth. The effects of legislation must also be compared with the motives that legitimized them and the individuals that made it their crusade be held responsible for any disparity and negative result.

If We don’t do these things We’re 🔩.

I love America but I hate Our politics.

Clinton was a scumbag fraud, everyone associates Our economic increases to his years as President but the fact of the matter is there were so many factors in play (the birth of the Internet for one) that giving him all, or even the majority, of the credit is dishonest and preposterous.

In addition, his PTAMW machinations was what forced lenders to change their lending standards, a mistake that gave rise to the housing boom and ultimately the housing bust that wrecked Our economy.

And yet people cheer for him.

He was just a guy that became President and used that position to get blowjobs.

It’s a complete farce.
A shameful practical joke on Our Nation, displaying Our hypocrisy for all to see.

He should have been impeached and subsequently removed from office.

I remember overhearing Sr. Dolores say to one of the teachers as I caught the end of their conversation, “Think about what that says about the position. Dignity? Integrity? Gone.”

I held on to that point of view for the rest of my life, only because when I overheard her it was my first time hearing an adult speak candidly on the subject. To hear her speak candidly about anything at all was exciting as I had learned up until that point to look at nuns as wicked overseers of the school grounds and nothing more.

Anyway, as a youngster I went through life never having heard a comment or critique of Clinton that was as sincere, honest and brutal as what Sr. Dolores uttered that day so I naturally began to hold it in high regard.

So at a very young age I was inadvertently taught that he was a disgrace.
All the achievements people attribute to his ability as a Leader are not due to his actions anywhere near to the degree that they are portrayed as being plus, he was cheating on his wife and getting brain in the Oval Office.

So what reason would I have to respect him?

I have respect for the Position not necessarily Its holder.

If Gerald Ford pulled the trigger on Nixon and let him face charges, the dignity, honor and responsibility that comes with that position wouldn’t have been taken as lightly as they were in the years hence.

Moments of great importance often occur without Our notice, moments in which Fate gives someone a choice which will have ripples that, while perhaps unnoticed for a time, affect everyone by creating precedents that explode into tiny little effect particles.


Problem is, it would seem that whenever people or groups are faced with this monumental decision from Fate, they always choke (being honest tho, the fact that we’re still here means that somewhere, somehow and at some time, people were faced with a decision and made the right one)

No matter the reasoning, the result is always negative.

This could be seen in G.R. Ford’s fail with Nixon.
I think of the governor of Detroit whose pacifism with his police force emboldened would be rioters to destroy the city.

If the Detroit riots never happened would Our Country’s politics and mentality be the same?
It makes me sad that We will never see that alternate timeline (assuming it’s a good timeline and not dystopia).

An epic coin toss was held in 2008 when the world would find out if Barak Obama would be elected Our President.


Allow your feelings of victimization, which themselves are merely a fabrication created and nourished by opportunistic politicians (and, by proxy, the Enemy that you claim to hate), and pride to take over your rationality and elect a man you know nothing about just because he’s black.


Humble yourself and call a spade a spade:
No one knows jack shit about him, furthermore we all know how wrong it is to judge someone based solely over the color of their skin (it’s embarrassingly ironic, another one of Satan’s pranks designed to show Us that We’re all full of shit).

We failed that test and the result is Obama and his nonsensical, dreamworld politics which will swiftly be followed (if We haven’t been vaporized by then) by another delusional politician as no one really votes based on the Facts anymore. Nice words are all that’s needed for people to swoon in your wake regardless of the actual meaning behind the words.

“I burnt down Your Home” turns into “The enemies of progress have thwarted our efforts towards achieving justice but we will not give in, we will relentlessly press forward and we will show them our conviction as a people and guide all the other souls that hunger for justice on our path to freedom.”


Only problem is the majority of people who are listening don’t have a grasp on the reality of the situation and oftentimes have no idea what’s being talked about in the slightest.

And that’s Our Achilles heel.

Black people, nothing has changed, can’t you see that?nugbag
He was a fraud.

Also, young people, you too, open your eyes.

You’re getting fleeced.

These guys are using Your money to pay for the old guys’ pensions because the government overspent here and ?’d up there and had to dip their hands into new pools of revenue to correct their gaff and pay what they need to…… 

In order to sustain whatever they want………

For whatever reason they want.

The effect of that is going to land on Your shoulders and Barak Obama is gonna be long gone.
You think Your social security and pensions are going to be worth anything?
Even exist?

Infinite Intelligence 

Do people even believe in God anymore?IMG_1518
Or has that kind of thinking arbitrarily become passé?

If God (read: Infinite Intelligence) exists, God meaning a being many times higher than Our plane of existence and is the Entity responsible for Existence itself, then I think reason would have me believe that I surely lack the perceptions and knowledge necessary to make sense of Its decisions, methods or Nature.

Through Its infinite omnipotence I will never be able to comprehend Its reasoning or thought processes.

I describe it to my wife as similar to our children arguing with us over some decision we have made that they do not understand or have the wisdom to appreciate; unable to grasp that the decision is made in their best interest as they lack the ability to see the pitfalls the decision is guarding them from.

Now take the behavior of my child in this hypothetical scenario and multiply it times a billion.

God is able to create all of Existence, there’s no way we would ever understand why It does what It does or question Its motives. Believing that we as mere human beings are equipped with the necessary faculties required to interpret and understand the motives of a being Who is, by definition, supremely superior, is not just arrogant, it’s unthinking.

That’s not me being a religious nut, that’s just me being logical.

That’s why any theory that believes otherwise immediately strikes me as flawed and I can never take it seriously. It has nothing to do with Faith, it’s just logic.

At least it feels that way to me.
I could be completely full of crap.
But I’m not.

I’ve debated many atheists, much more “intelligent” than myself.

Any atheist logic must always begin with the assumption that human beings have the ability to question God which logically, due to our limitations, is not possible. From the outset every atheist idea is flawed and will ultimately, if the right questions are asked, always begin with an assumption that accepts circular logic.

God is all powerful and completely beyond the realm of our understanding, since we as humans are limited even amongst ourselves then there is no possible way we can question or try to debate a hypothetical God and Its motives. If one thinks that they can do this, as most Atheists do, then they’re accepting that God is not all powerful and is completely within the realm of our understanding.

So in essence, every Atheist unwittingly redefines God so that their argument can even begin

There are a few steps required to get here but ultimately this is what it comes down to.

“God isn’t real because I don’t believe there can be an Entity that exists completely out of my realm of understanding because I don’t believe in God.”

Or, in other words, Pride (read: Fear).

Atheism is the manifestation of Satan’s most basic trick (and supposedly fatal flaw) and it shows how subtly and mystifyingly deceitful he is even at his most introductory. Once people accept the idea that there are no rules; no higher authority whose preferences that you have to live by, in time, that mass will ultimately be tricked into doing and accepting anything, no matter how “moral” any individual member may claim to be.
~In closing…~

While I expect nothing short of a wall of “cool story bros”, the point of my rant was to state with some permanence my state of mind and if the impossible happens and an actual objective, grown up discussion is triggered then I can die a happy man.

But if wishes were horses…

This is also done with the hope that there would be some record of these opinions and craziness in cyber space so that the advanced civilizations that will emerge out of Our rubble may hopefully whip up some gizmo that can access it and understand that the slow destruction of their ancestors wasn’t something that nobody saw coming.screenshot-2016-10-02-21-56-12

Even the nobodiest of nobodies saw it coming.

And let me repeat my apology on behalf of my inevitable ignorance:
I have no doubt that this will lead me to errors and offenses of which I have no intention of committing.

This rant will be my base, and as my knowledge and experiences refine themselves I will expand, edit and outright flip flop as necessary.

I’m only a man, the things I don’t know are endless and the effects of those things are even more numerous.

So in anticipation of the effects on individuals of the things I don’t know, I’m sorry and I promise to keep on searching so that I may, objectively, do right by You.

While I ultimately don’t care if I hurt people with facts, I will be quite distraught if I hurt with fallacies and falsehoods.







  1. The sad truth is that racism in a society affects all. Some racists who are Black believe that they, as Black people, are less capable, less worthy less likely to achieve the economic, academic and other personal goals that you suggest are the keys to “success” (?). They, convinced that life is nasty, brutish and short, waste their time, usually in someone else’s home, waiting to finally fall to whatever calamity they imagine. The lie goes both ways. Fear, as you say, of failure or success, can be paralyzing.
    Life is a series of perceptions, real and imagined. Race is one, money is one, democracy is one. War, famine and nationalism are others.
    A lie presumes a deliberate attempt to deceive and the agency to do it. My contention is that people make choices based on their perceived realities. I don’t believe that any person makes decisions that they believe are going to harm them or their loved ones. They don’t know what they are doing.
    The solution is to be found in children. Though I do not advise arming them by selecting their mates (!), you must arm them with waves and waves of knowledge. Expose children to different ways of thinking (more than one language). Talk to them, read to them. Keep them away from mass media for as long as you can so that they can develop themselves outside of the influence of those that want to sell stuff to them.

  2. Thank you Olushola for your articulate and insightful commentary, and thank you Dr Peterson for drawing my attention to it.